Peeps Are Back -- Get Your Straws, Everyone!

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Prairie Farms Dairy has kidnapped your favorite Peeps and put them on a milk carton. The Peeps aren't "missing," they are inside the milk. Or at least their flavor is because there is no way their fluffy, gooey-ness would fit out the small opening at the top. Yes, Peeps Milk is here!


Here's the visual proof that we're not kidding. Can you believe it? What has happened to our beloved Peeps??!

peeps milk

Before we discuss the insanity of this collaboration, let's first discuss Peeps. PEEPS! They are so cute that you just want to eat them.

Come on…. Is it #Easter yet? #PEEPS #Spring #WereReady ð��£ð���

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And eat them, we do. They are irresistible. So adorable in their little packages that make that distinctly Peep-box cellophane crinkle sound when you hold them. But Peep Milk? Milky Peeps? Peeps squeezed down into a sippable beverage? I'm seriously concerned.

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The Peeps milk sucks the fun out of the Peeps themselves -- I mean, PEEPS! Does anyone really want to drink Peeps? Our love of Peeps is the Peeps themselves, in their Peep form -- bunnies or chicks only though. I tend not to go for the other kind of Peeps. No offense other kind of Peeps. But please, don't blend up our Peeps in a drink! Stop milking our Peeps! It's cruel and unjust treatment. PETA might get mad!

You know Prairie Farms Dairy will say that no Peep was harmed in the making of the Peep milk. And I will believe them. But at 37 grams of sugar per cup of Peep milk, I have to wonder if downing a glass of Marshmallow, Chocolate Marshmallow, or Easter Egg Nog Peep milk is worth it.

Imagine dipping a Peep into Peep milk? What would happen then?!?! But I digress...

Peep Milk lives. It's going to be there in the grocery store probably next to your plain old milk to tempt your children. Mom! Dad! I want this kind of milk! they will say. You may resist but it's too late. You are now thinking about Peeps. And all you need to do is think about Peeps to want Peeps and then you'll find yourself with one of those crinkly-sounding Peep boxes in your hand deciding between the bunnies or the chicks -- while your kid puts the Peeps Milk in the cart without you noticing.

Peeps. Forever.

What do you think of Peep milk? Would you try it?


Image via katerha/Flickr and Prairie Farms Dairy/Twitter

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