10 Boozy (and Not-So-Boozy) Drinks for St. Patrick's Day

10 Boozy (and Not-So-Boozy) Drinks for St. Patrick's Day

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Not to rehash old stereotypes, but St. Patrick's Day is best celebrated with a drink in hand! And it doesn't have to be -- in fact, please don't let it be -- green beer either! Nope! In the spirit of the drinkiest of all the holidays, we've rounded up all sorts of wonderful and pretty darn creative St. Paddy's beverage recipes -- and most can be enjoyed as either cocktails or mocktails. 

Green beer has its place ... we suppose -- and we think it's only in college bars -- however, no one should drink a mug of green-dyed Budweiser when there are so many other incredible and incredibly delicious green concoctions that are perfect to swill on St. Paddy's Day. Like how about a Spiked Lucky Charms Milkshake? Yes, please! Rainbow Sangria? If we must! Or maybe a green and fruity Shamrock Juice for the kids ... Give us the recipe already! 

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For Guinness or Baileys fans, anyone with a sweet tooth, or for folks who just want a green-hued drink, we have the perfect St. Patrick's Day beverage! Check out this roundup of tasty recipes for every kind of celebration. 

Have a round of any of these ready for all those blessings and toasts that are sure to come. 

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