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10 Boozy (and Not-So-Boozy) Drinks for St. Patrick's Day

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Not to rehash old stereotypes, but St. Patrick's Day is best celebrated with a drink in hand! And it doesn't have to be -- in fact, please don't let it be -- green beer either! Nope! In the spirit of the drinkiest of all the holidays, we've rounded up all sorts of wonderful and pretty darn creative St. Paddy's beverage recipes -- and most can be enjoyed as either cocktails or mocktails. 

Green beer has its place ... we suppose -- and we think it's only in college bars -- however, no one should drink a mug of green-dyed Budweiser when there are so many other incredible and incredibly delicious green concoctions that are perfect to swill on St. Paddy's Day. Like how about a Spiked Lucky Charms Milkshake? Yes, please! Rainbow Sangria? If we must! Or maybe a green and fruity Shamrock Juice for the kids ... Give us the recipe already! 

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For Guinness or Baileys fans, anyone with a sweet tooth, or for folks who just want a green-hued drink, we have the perfect St. Patrick's Day beverage! Check out this roundup of tasty recipes for every kind of celebration. 

Have a round of any of these ready for all those blessings and toasts that are sure to come. 

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1Rainbow Sangria

Not a fan of beer? Don't worry, just skip the hops and go straight for this Rainbow Sangria. "St. Patrick’s Day wouldn’t be quite the same without rainbows and alcohol," says Chrissy of The Taylor House. We think she might be onto something!

2Guinness Float / Shake

What's St. Patrick's Day without some Guinness? If you love this dark, rich beer like we do, try this Guinness Float / Shake from Inspired by Charm. According to Michael, Guinness has a naturally "chocolatey/coffee" flavor that pairs well with ice cream -- so he mixes it with both chocolate and vanilla. Yum!

4Spiked Lucky Charms Milkshake

Are you ready for your inner child to freak out? This Spiked Lucky Charms Milkshake calls for Lucky Charms marshmallows, ice cream, marshmallow vodka, AND marshmallow frosting. Basically, it's what you imagined adulthood would be like when you were a kid -- in a glass.

5Lime Sherbet Floats

We've found it: The easiest St. Paddy's Day drink around! Or, as Brandie of Home Cooking Memories puts it, these Lime Sherbert Floats are the "laziest of all holiday treats." But hey, if it tastes good, we're not bothered! So if you're short on time, this one's for you.

7Shamrock Juice

This cute, non-alcoholic Shamrock Juice -- a medley of sparkling white grape juice, lemonade and pineapple juice -- uses lime popsicles to get its bright green color.

To keep the shamrock apple from browning, Mindy of Creative Juice recommends a spritz of little lime or lemon juice.

8Boozy Shamrock Shakes

You know that seasonal signature shake from the Golden Arches? Well, this Boozy Shamrock Shake is what that shake wants to be when it grows up.

"It’s not just minty — it’s also vanilla-y," says Christina of Dessert for Two. The secret? Vanilla bean paste.

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