11 Gorgeous Green Snacks for St. Patrick's Day

11 Gorgeous Green Snacks for St. Patrick's Day

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Ward off those winter blues this year by indulging in a little green -- green food, that is! After several long months of cold and snow, lots of us are craving a great big dose of our favorite emerald hue. Thank goodness St. Patrick's Day -- and all its green snacks and treats -- comes along just in time to satisfy our springtime longings.

No matter the St. Patrick's Day plans -- a potluck with the whole family, a class party at the preschool, or a shin-dig for the kids and a bunch of their friends -- there's a definite need this time of year for fun, festive, green-colored food recipes! (Sorry, the broccoli and kale just won't cut it for most of us on this festive Irish holiday.) 

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We've searched high and low for green-themed food recipes and party foods that are sure to please! From desserts and appetizers to sweet or savory snacks, here is some green food inspiration for any palate and for both the novice chef, as well as anyone looking for a wee challenge. These goodies are sure to brighten up any St. Paddy's Day celebration.

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  • Green Deviled Eggs


    Image via FOODjimoto

    Karolyn over ar Foodjimoto turns something that could be gross in theory (green deviled eggs) into pastel perfection on a plate. Would we eat these in a box? Would we eat them with a fox? Yes, yes, and please hold the ham.

  • St. Patrick's Ombre Cake


    Surprise your family by cutting into gorgeous green ombre cake. Too pretty to eat? Nah. Not with that Baileys buttercream frosting as the finishing touch.

    "It definitely won't provide the same kick as a Jameson with a Guinness chaser," says Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere. "But it's a great way to end a day of bar hopping."

  • Baileys Irish Cream Cookies


    "What I love most about these cookies is that there’s not just Baileys in the filling, but in the cookie dough too," writes Meghan of Buttercream Blondie.

    She adds that these Baileys Irish cream cookies are perfect for a Saint Patrick’s Day party or any day you feel like treating yourself. We agree!

  • Saint Patrick's Pancakes


    Image via I Heart Naptime

    A cute St. Paddy’s tradition is going green at every course. Serving these Saint Patrick’s Day pancakes is a great way to start your day off on a colorful note. Plus, the Lucky Charms marshmallows resting on a cloud of whipped cream are too pretty to pass up. Hello, sugar!

  • Mint & Chocolate Fudge Oreo Bars


    Image via Averie Cooks

    Oh mint and chocolate fudge oreo bars, you had us at "double chocolate oreo and Kerrygold butter crust!" But you’re also nearly no-bake (only one 10-minute oven session is needed) and come together in under half an hour? We’re so sold.

  • Shamrock Tortilla Chips


    Image via Zakka Life

    The great thing about spinach tortillas is that they’re already green, so there’s no additional work necessary. To make shamrock chips, just cut the tortillas with a cookie-cutter, bake and sprinkle with salt. Serve with your preferred dip for a ready-in-no-time snack.

  • Lucky Charms Krispie Treats


    Image via A Mom's Take

    "Did you know that you can make rice krispie treats in the microwave and they take just minutes to make?" asks Janel of A Mom’s Take.

    No, we didn’t ... and we really appreciate the head’s up! Plus, how darling would these lucky charms krispie treats look paired with a tall glass of green milk?

  • Macarons with Baileys Chocolate Ganache


    Image via Raspberri Cupcakes

    Macarons are notoriously difficult to make. And these shamrock-shaped macarons are even trickier. "If you are a beginner with macarons read up and practice plain macarons first," suggests Steph of Raspberri Cupcakes

    The Baileys chocolate ganache filling might be worth the challenge. But then, you can also slather it on a plain cake and call it a day!

  • Mini Grasshopper Pies


    Jo-Anna of A Pretty Life in the Suburbs gives this retro dessert a modern spin (Mason jars! Small size! No-bake recipe!). Her mini grasshopper pies work perfectly as party favors for a St. Patrick’s Day shindig or as take-home dessert after a big dinner thanks to the individual packaging.

  • Peekaboo Shamrock Pound Cake


    Image via Meringue Bake Shop

    Who doesn’t love cutting into a surprise? (Not us. That’s why we have an ombre cake on slide #1!) So we adore how these vivid green shapes are tucked into a regular ol’ cake in this peekaboo shamrock pound cake recipe. It's like delicious sleight-of-hand! Oh, and you’ll have leftover cake to eat after you finish baking. Not that we (ahem) get excited about that sort of thing.

  • Shamrock Palmiers


    Image via Crazy for Crust

    You cake make these shamrock palmiers (commonly known as elephant ears) with Pillsbury Crescent Roll Dough and sugar. As Dorothy of Crazy for Crust puts it, they’re "perfect for a breakfast treat, and after school snack, or a dessert!"

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