Girl Scout Cookie Oven Offers Sweet New Opportunity for Moms

Girl Scout cookie oven

Moms, are you looking for a way to make a little spare cash to spruce up the old wardrobe or send the kids to another week of camp (ah, dare to dream, ladies!)? Well, we might just have an opportunity to start a new home-grown business. Wicked Cool Toys is introducing the first-ever Girl Scout Cookie Oven so you can whip up those delicious treats all year long (and start your own cottage industry!)


Sure, it's basically designed for kids, but why should we let that stop us? AmIright? For an initial investment of $59.99 (that's what the oven will retail for when it hits stores this fall), you get the oven and a box of Thin Mints mix. Score!

Think about it: Just hook this sucker up in your garage and bake yourself into oblivion! 

Imagine lines snaking down your driveway once kids and adults alike catch a whiff of those coveted cookies. And you don't have to stop at Thin Mints, no ma'am! Trefoils, Samoas, Do-si-dos, Chocolate Peanut Tagalongs, and more will be available for purchase at $6.99 per mix. Just think about the potential markup on those! Who's ready to place an order?

If you've wanted to get back to work but haven't found your niche, this could be just the thing. With the rising cost of, well, everything, who wouldn't want to start a sweet little cookie side business?

Plus, imagine how popular your kids will become! Your house will be the one all their classmates want to visit for a little taste of the action. (Wait, is that a good thing?) 

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Let's face it: Men get to play with toys all the time -- from video games to remote control helicopters -- why should we miss out on the fun and an opportunity to bake up a little extra income? Who's with me?

Will you be purchasing a Girl Scout Cookie oven?


Image via Wicked Cool Toys

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