Edible Coffee Cups Change Caffeine Consumption Forever

scoffee kfc coffee cupOf all places, Kentucky Fried Chicken wants to change the way we drink coffee. Yes, KFC -- the chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy people. They have gone and created something incredibly innovative for coffee. Coffee! In an edible cup called the "Scoffee cup" and it's brilliant.


I drink a lot of coffee. I also enjoy some tasty treats while drinking coffee. A little cookie. A muffin. A piece of chocolate. Now I can have both at the same time. Like the ice cream cone is to ice cream, the Scoffee cup is to coffee. "Scoffee" is also a slang used to describe chugging a cup of coffee in the middle of the day for that extra jolt. Big fan, I am.

These are the days, my friend. These are the times of cronuts and ramen burgers. Why wouldn't we have Scoffee? Perhaps most interesting is the fact that KFC invented it. Though java lovers know there is nothing quite like a great cup of coffee after a meal. KFC knows, too. Which is probably why they teamed with Seattle's Best Coffee at the chain in the UK, which is where the Scoffee cup will be devoured first.  

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The fried chicken giants teamed with The Robin Collective, known food scientists who have done some wild stuff like creating a margarita that changes color. And while that sounds weird, eating my coffee cup does not especially if it's a sugary treat. And it is. It's essentially a coffee cup shaped cookie that has sugar paper on the outside and heat-resistant white chocolate lined on the inside. The cookie melts as the coffee heats it up and you can nibble bits of your cup as you sip. No word on if there will be that dreaded ice cream cone issue -- when you aren't eating the ice cream fast enough and the cone gives out. But it's a risk I'm willing to take for a cookie. Brandy Wright, a spokesperson for the brains behind the Scoffee cup told the Telegraph:

... not only do the edible cups taste amazing, but they smell delicious too. We’ve infused different cups with a variety of ambient aromas including 'coconut sun cream', 'freshly cut grass' and 'wild flowers'.

These scents were used in our recipes as they have a natural ability to evoke the positive memories we associate with warm weather, sunshine and summer holidays. Things that make everyone smile.

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I'm not so sure about the freshly cut grass, but thankfully I have options. Or will have options. Soon. I hope. Right now only a limited number of KFCs in the UK will score the Scoffee cups later this year. I hope they bring them stateside soon.

What do you think of the Scoffee cup? Would you try it?


Images via KFC

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