6 Pot Ice Cream Recipes Ben & Jerry's Might Actually Want To Try

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With a motto like "Peace, Love, and Ice Cream," I think we've always assumed Ben and Jerry's is down with a little legalized marijuana. Any brand who's named flavors of ice cream after stoner bands like Phish and the Grateful Dead has got to be, no? Well, just in case you had any doubt, the founders have come right out and said it: Weed Ice Cream. Dude, totally.


Okay, so we're paraphrasing.

What really happened was that during a recent interview with HuffPost Live, Ben and Jerry's founders Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield were asked if they'd ever consider making cannabis-infused ice cream.

"Makes sense to me," Cohen said. "Combine your pleasures." And of course, they threw in a "when it's legal" disclosure too.

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And whether you partake (partoke?) or not, aren't you SO curious to know what they would not only call their new flavor, but put in it? (Imagine being an ice cream tester at that meeting!)

So Ben? Jerry? Allow us to give you a few brilliant recipes to try:

1. Mary Jane Munchies: Caramel Ice Cream with Chocolate-Covered Hemp, Chia, and Flax Seeds 

2. Doobie, Dooby, Doo: Peanut Butter Ice Cream with Scooby Snacks (These can really be dog biscuits, because hey, you've got the munchies!), Bits of Rolling Paper and Cannabis Seeds

3. Pot Fudge Brownie: Chocolate Ice Cream with Fudge Chunks and Half-Baked Pot Brownies

4. Dude, Pass the Bowl (R): Vanilla Ice Cream and Whatever Other Paraphenalia Was Knocked off the Coffee Table Into It

5. Reefer Madness: Funyuns, Cheetos, Nachos from 7-11 and Pot Sprinkles Swirled Into Pineapple Sorbet

6 Comfortably Numb: Pizza Pockets, Jack in the Box French Fries, and Ground Bud in Salted Caramel Ice Cream *Each pint will come with a free bottle of Visine

Which of these flavors would you try?


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