Burger King Cooks Up Whopper of an Idea: Home Delivery

burger king

There's a new item on Burger King's menu and it's called free delivery (if you live in the United Kingdom, that is!). Yes, that's right, fast food just got even more convenient. During a three-month trial period, the home of the Big King burger, will allow residents within certain zip codes to order online or by phone and get their greasy meals delivered right to their doorstep. 


Can you imagine how convenient this will be for binge-watchers, stoners, college kids, and harried moms who just need some ready-made chicken tenders, fries, and a little time not spent in their mini-vans? 

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This is ideal for rainy and snowy days when you just don't want to hit the grocery store with your hungry brood. If you're bummed because this service isn't coming to a BK near you, not to worry. If all goes well, the fast food chain anticipates a wider roll-out later this year.  

Talk about a heart attack on wheels. Anyone else out there imagining their kids putting their Burger King's phone number on speed dial? A little fast food every once in a while isn't a bad thing, but making it this convenient could be truly dangerous! 

Would you have your fast food delivered?


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