'Barefoot Contessa' Ina Garten Under Fire for Sharing Chicken Recipe on Ash Wednesday

Ina Garten

Beloved Foot Network chef Ina Garten has found herself in hot water after posting what appears to be an innocent lemon chicken breast recipe on her Facebook page. So, what's the problem? The Barefoot Contessa posted the delicious-looking entree on the morning of Ash Wednesday, the official start to the Lenten season, and a day when Catholics abstain from eating meat.


Some of the bubbly cook's Facebook fans were quick to take offense, calling her out with the following comments: 

Carola Fernández Chicken???? It's Ash Wednesday! 

Maria Maria this post is very wrong for ash wednesday ;)) and every Friday til Easter meat free please thank you

Robin Pflueger Domenico Can you say Ash Wednesday? Duh

But others, including Catholics, rushed to her defense, writing:

Mary Coyle I am a strict Catholic with a big smudge on my forehead as i write this. I could care less what Ina posts today -- you don't have to MAKE it today! I have made this recipe a zillion times -- leaves everyone begging for more. I always just say -- it's Ina -- and they all say -- oh, of course... thank you Ina!! much love!

Sandy Agler Wann ...I didn't see where Ina said to cook this tonight! ... I'm Christain and observe Ash Wednesday, Chicken does not offend me ... What in the wide world is wrong with people? Too thin-skinned! Get over it and enjoy the chicken!

Many suggested substituting fish for the chicken and pointed out that Garten, born Ina Rosenberg, is Jewish by both religion and heritage and probably wasn't considering the day. 

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While she's no stranger to cooking up traditional Jewish favorites like brisket, challeh, and rugelach, the chef's beliefs rarely enter into her show or cookbooks. Plus, can a woman who exudes such warmth and routinely says, "How bad can that be?" really be spoiling for a fight? It seems unlikely.  

Were you offended by Ina posting a chicken dish on Ash Wednesday?


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