Starbucks Brews Up New Delivery Service -- But It'll Cost You!

Starbucks home delivery

There are only a few things I love more than saving time. One of them happens to be coffee. So when I heard that java giant Starbucks was combining the two by offering a new subscription-based delivery service, you can imagine my excitement. But these aren't your ordinary beans that'll be scooped up and served right to your door. These are the high-end variety, coming straight from the company's new Seattle Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room. Meaning (cue the infommercial-like voiceover) these blends are not available in stores. Sign me up!


Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz explains:

Starbucks Reserve Roastery subscriptions are -- aside from visiting the Roastery and having our partners scoop the coffee right in front of you -- the freshest, fastest and most innovative whole bean coffee experience in the marketplace.

I love this idea. Let me count the ways: Once you're a Starbucks devotee, as I am, it's very hard to live without the rich, dark nectar that wakes you up each morning and keeps you going through the afternoon. So once a week I venture out and buy a pound of beans to grind at home. While this seems like a bit of a luxury item, I average about 50 cups from that one bag, bringing my cost down to about 25 cents a steaming mug-full. Pretty reasonable, right? But those weeks go by awfully quickly and I'm back at my local Starbucks before I know it -- usually on a line that snakes out the door and into another county -- kicking myself for not buying multiple pounds during my last visit. 

Now, if I have the kids with me, it's a whole 'nother story. Typically, they drool all over the dessert case and beg from that $2 Rice Krispie treat brick and the Caramel Macchiato the lady in front of us just ordered. Multiply that by three kids and before I know it, I'm coughing up the equivalent of a car payment. And true confession time: Why am I always tempted to buy a $12 alt-folk CD I know I'll never listen to just because it's next to the register?

So delivery service would save us from this whole scene, right? 

Well, I hate to break it to you now that I've gotten our mutual hopes up, but that's not cheap either. 

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These fancy beans, shipped within 48 hours of roasting, come with a gasp-worthy price tag. Are you sitting down?

The one-month curated subscription will set you back $24, while the three-month price is $72, and a full year costs $288. And how much arrives in each shipment? A lonely, little 8.8-ounce bag. Yikes! You'd hope it would come with its own friendly barista for that money, right?

Let's face it: Busy moms would love it if everything could be delivered or available through a drive-thru window. (For years, I've been lobbying for the milk equivalent of those Brew-Thrus, where you pull up and some strapping fellas drop a keg in your trunk. Why can't I just get two gallons of one percent to go?) 

Still, as much as I'm tempted to sign up for this service, the cost outweighs the convenience and I'm going to have to stick with pick-up. 

Will you become a Starbucks subscriber?


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