John Mayer's Nutty Idea Makes Us Want Things We Can't Have

Justin's cookie dough almond butter

Well, here's a perk of being a celeb: Thinking up your own flavor of nut butter -- then getting it made. Who knew it was as easy as sending out a tweet and saying (literally) "let's do it." But that's basically what happened with musician John Mayer when he tweeted a seriously delicious proposal.


Yes, we know. John Mayer. He of "Your Body Is a Wonderland" fame. He who dissed Taylor Swift. He who's lucky enough to be Katy Perry's on-again-off-again lover boy. He who causes millions of females around the world to instinctively roll their eyeballs. 

But hold on now. This story makes us like him just a schmear more.

According to, John's a big fan of Justin's, the nut butter company based out of Boulder, Colorado. (If you just got an image of John sitting around a mountain cabin, crooning songs and playing his guitar while simultaneously eating spoons of peanut butter right from the jar, we're right there with you.)

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And when John thought of a new flavor last December, he tweeted it: "cookie dough almond butter let's do it @Justin's."

Someone at the company thought it was a good idea, was able to get past the fact that John Mayer seems like a cad, and voila! They settled on what sounds like an awesomely delicious combo of chocolate almond butter and vegan chocolate chip cookie dough chunks.

So far, they've only made two jars. One for their office. John Mayer got the other, so we're back to strongly disliking him.

If we had our way, here's what we'd like to have instantly custom-made at the send of a tweet. Universe, take note!

1. Altoids that last more than 30 seconds.

2. Cupcakes that are made with vegetables and no sugar but you'd never know. (That last part is important.)

3. Canned cat food which is completely odorless and not the slightest bit repulsive.

4. Coffee that instantly brews and pours itself every morning. We'd also like it delivered to us in the shower.

5. Cookie dough cashew butter. (See, John. You don't have all the good ideas!)

What product would you like to have made?

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