Yogurt Made From Vaginal Secretions Sounds Disgusting ... But How Does It Taste?

 woman eating spoonful of yogurt

Silly us. Occasionally, we think we've seen and heard it all, but then the Internet proves us very, very wrong. Take today, when we learned about a woman who thought, "Hey, probiotics are good for my immune system. So why don't I make yogurt out of my --"


The answer is not breast milk. (That's so 2014!) It's ... vaginal secretions.

So here's the deal.

After learning that the vagina is home to hundreds of different types of bacteria that keep it healthy -- including lactobacillus, which can be used to culture milk and cheese -- Cecilia Westbrook, an MD/PhD student at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, decided to see if her "ladyjuices" could create a healthy yogurt.

In an interview with Vice, Westbrook reported that the first batch was "sour, tangy, and almost tingly on the tongue." Although she was able to down it with blueberries -- really! How could we make this up? -- the second round was pretty bad, like "slightly spoiled milk."

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Although experts confirmed that the probiotic benefits of her experiment were questionable at best, Westbrook still believes she's flown a feminist flag by doing it. "There's a beauty in connecting your body to your food and exploring the power your vagina has," she told Vice.

The US Food and Drug Administration was not so rah-rah about the whole thing. As one (probably bewildered) spokesperson insisted to Vice's writer, "Vaginal secretions are not considered 'food.'" 

Yeah, you don't have to be an MD/PhD candidate to figure out that one.

How expensive is kefir anyway?

If the experts had said this had health benefits, would you make your own?

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