Butter Isn't Bad for You After All So Let's Eat All of the Butter


Forget everything you've been told about how unhealthy butter and cheese are. Butter isn't bad for you after all, say scientists. Cheese balls for everyone! Let's celebrate! By bathing in butter! Or maybe by doing something slightly less enthusiastic.


Apparently all that advice dietitians gave us back in the 1980s (were you even alive then???) was based on flawed research. In fact, an entire generation of Americans has been raised on a low-fat/fat-free diet, and it just made us SICKER. 

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You guys. Younger and "alternative" nutritionists have been telling us fat is healthy for years. Finally the medical establishment has copped to their error. But you know what? No hard feelings. I say, it's time for a butter-palooza!

Introducing DJ Dizzy Deen, y'all.

paula deen butter

Honey Boo Boo, what do you want for supper?

honey boo boo butter sketti

Yes, you do! Homer Simpson, you know what we're talkin' about.

homer simpson butter

What's that you say, Regina?

mean girls butter a carb


butter dance

Nom nom nom nom.

butter eating

Parks and Recreation's sage Andy Dwyer speaks for me:

butter eating


It's a happy day, America. Now go out and enjoy your butter.

How do you feel about milk fat? Are you surprised at this news or did you know this all along, deep in your well-fortified bones?


Image via eelnosiva/Shutterstock

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