8 Iconic Food Packaging Designs You'd Know Anywhere (PHOTOS)

kikkoman soy sauceJapanese designer Kenji Ekuan, who passed away today at the age of 85, designed one of the most iconic condiment containers ever: the Kikkoman soy sauce bottle. And, who inspired this sleek, minimalist design? His mom. Awww! Funny how this oh-so-familiar bottle that gives every sushi lover a little twinge of sentimentality could have been inspired by its creator's own childhood nostalgia. 


The former monk said he chose to create the familiar red-capped bottle because he remembered his mother pouring the salty Asian staple from a large half-gallon jug into a tabletop dispenser. 

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Even without the orange lettering, you'd recognize that red cap and that shape anywhere, wouldn't you? It got us thinking about all the iconic food packaging designs that spark feelings of nostalgia, no matter how old you might be.

#1 makes us think of Sunday mornings and pancakes hot off the griddle, how about you?

What container evokes a strong feeling for you?


Image via Wikimedia


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