10 Times Pizza Totally Saved Your Life​

pizza boy

Looking for a completely and totally valid excuse to order pizza tonight? (Oh, you are too.) Here goes: It's National Pizza Day!! Could there be a more perfect reason to indulge in literally every sane human being's favorite comfort food? One can't just go around ignoring the very important cultural traditions associated with a holiday of this caliber, after all. 


(Disclaimer: National Pizza Day might not actually be an official "holiday," per se, but it's as close to a government-mandated Day of Cheese Worship as we're ever gonna get, so might as well go with it.) I mean, think about it: Pizza deserves a day of recognition and appreciation. In fact, we're willing to bet the stuff has pretty much saved your life on numerous occasions. Such as:

1. When you have that first piece of pizza after a juice cleanse. Pizza, my one true love!! WE'LL NEVER BE APART AGAIN!!!

kitten pizza gif

2. When you forget to think of something to cook for dinner and DIVINE PIZZA INSPIRATION hits.

space pizza

3. When you realize there are so many empty pizza takeout boxes in your house, you might as well make furniture out of them.

domino's couch4. When your kid is having a sleepover party and the delivery man rings the doorbell. COME AND GET IT!!!

pizza gong

5. When what you really, really need is a tropical vacation but you're like, Oh well, I guess a pizza will do.

pizza island

6. When you've been stuck at work for way too long and your boss orders pizza for everybody.

liz lemon pizza

7. But then everybody else gets to the conference room before you and you're like, Hold up, that pepperoni pie is MINE!!!

chris farley

8. When you're totally not going to cheat on your diet, except honestly, who's ever gonna know?!

dog pizza

9. When the sitter doesn't show and you have to cancel your romantic dinner with your hubby: Wine and pizza night!

pizza heart

10. When your PMS cravings are just a little tiny bit out of control.

pizza angel

See what we mean?

Will you be ordering a pizza tonight?


Image via Marcel Tarnogorski/Flickr

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