'Game of Thrones' Restaurant Opens Because 'All Men Must Dine' (Get It?)

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Grab your wine goblets (but be sure not to pour any all over your uncle's head!). For the good news has spread that HBO is opening a Game of Thrones-themed restaurant in London. Yes. You read that correctly. A Game of Thrones-themed restaurant, people! 


If you watch the show mostly for the sex and violence and insane plot twists, this may not hold much interest for you. But if you're a super-geek like me, you know how big of a role food plays in the series, especially in the books. So this news, like all things GoT-related, is just fantastic! See you in London right before the premiere of season 5?

Well, hold your (literal) horses. Apparently the pop-up restaurant will be available for your dining pleasure only from February 13 to 15 (romantic Valentine's Day date, anyone??) to coincide with the release of season 4 on DVD and Blu-Ray. Throughout the three days, three Westeros-themed banquets will supposedly take place. At Andaz Liverpool Street Hotel, the theme is a "private, clandestine meeting of the Small Council in King's Landing." Hahaha this is so awesome.

On top of all of that, HBO revealed one of the dishes with the best name ever: "The Lies of Tyrion Lannister and His Proclaimed Innocence." According to reports, this hilariously labeled meal features poached veal tongue with beetroot, horseradish, and "Oldtown Mustard." Oldtown Mustard?? Whatever that is, it sounds delicious.

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Sadly enough, not everyone who could afford a last-minute trip to London for a getaway would even be guaranteed admittance. You apparently have to win a competition -- so even though All Men Must Dine, which is what HBO is calling this, clearly all men can't dine Game of Thrones-style. And that's even more tragic than the Red Wedding. Only 12 supremely lucky fans (plus one guest each) will be able to experience this feast. And if that happens to be you, ZOMG POST ALL THE PICS. Thank you.

HBO's press agency told The Verge that "hopefully there'll be no poisonings or suspicious deaths." But if "The Rains of Castamere" start playing -- you best get your ass out of there!

Which body part would you give up to be able to attend this feast?


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