Starbucks Offering Coconut Milk Is Delicious News & Not Just for Those With Allergies

coconut milk at starbucksForget the pumpkin spice latte or the trendy flat white. Coffee nerds (like me) can even set aside their excitement over the Clover brewing system, with which baristas can brew up a made-to-order coffee from single-origin, reserve beans. Starbucks announced that come February 17, they'll be offering something SO MANY of us have been waiting for ... coconut milk! Nationwide!


The 'bucks tested out Single Origin Sumatra Coconut Milk in several stores back in September. It only took a month for the chain to see that coconut milk was rocking it in Oregon and Cleveland, so they started to bring it to other markets, and now, it's going country-wide! Wooohooo!

Like soy, it'll be 60 cents extra to add coconut milk to your drink of choice. A small price to pay if you have special dietary needs.

If you're lactose intolerant, Paleo, concerned about GMOs, pesticides, and endocrine disruption, or simply not a fan of dairy or soy milk for whatever reason, this news is HUGE cause for celebration! Even if you're none of the above, you may be jumping for joy, because coconut milk is, uh, DELICIOUS, and will be absolutely amazing in a plethora of orders, from hot cocoa (hot coconut cocoa!), lattes, and even Frappuccinos (mocha coconut, vanilla coconut, caramel coconut, etc. -- all the tropical flavor without the added sugar of syrup! Boom!).

I know that I, who spends an embarrassing amount of discretionary cash on Starbucks, am going to be even more at risk of dropping serious dough at the coffee chain.

When I first started frequenting Starbucks as a teen, caramel macchiatos and frappuccinos made with whatever liquid they originally called for were fine by me. But these days, I'm no fan of "cow milk" (as my mother-in-law, in grandma mode, would say) in general, especially not non-organic cow milk. And after a phase of ordering soy milk cappuccinos as my go-to, a conversation with nutritionist Esther Blum, RD, author of Cavewomen Don't Get Fat, turned me off of the non-dairy alternative.

Blum explained how soy suppresses thyroid function (no good for hormone balance or metabolism!) is high in phytic acid, which, in large amounts, can block the uptake of essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, copper, iron, and zinc in the intestinal tract, and may exacerbate existing autoimmune conditions, among other issues. 

So with dairy and soy off the table, NO milk Starbucks offered would work. It was see ya, cappuccinos! So long, lattes. I'd stick to an Americano or order my Clover-brewed Italian roast sans room. And I may still, but knowing now that coconut milk is another option has me positively gleeful. I know I'm not the only one.

What do you think about Starbucks introducing coconut milk as a non-dairy, soy-free alternative? What drink would you order with it?

Image via Starbucks

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