Beyonce Will Send Vegan Dinners to Your House for $30 a Day


Another celebrity has entered the culinary fray. This time it's Beyonce and she's serving up a vegan home delivery meal service that she's hoping you'll fall crazy in love with.


The pop diva partnered with her personal trainer, Marco Borges, to come up with 22 Days Nutrition, a line of organic, gluten-free, plant-based offerings that are "made with love." 

Sounds pretty good, right? Well, not so fast, we took a look at the menu and there's a reason Beyonce looks like that and I look like this. Here are just a few lunch and dinner options: Sesame Cabbage Lentil Bowl (doesn't that sound like something you might as well eat while sitting on your toilet? Seriously, I think that name alone just gave me the runs!), then there's the Curried Indian Cauliflower and Sweet Potato Bowl, which I have a feeling would leave me gnawing my way through a loaf of Wonder bread from starvation an hour after eating. (These choices may be the real inspiration behind "Pretty Hurts.") 

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Then there's the matter of cost. The three-meals-a-day plan will set you back close to $650 a month. (Don't worry, that includes shipping.) There'd better be a whole lotta cauliflower coming my way for that cabbage, right? If you do the math, it breaks down to just under $10 a meal -- about average by New York and LA standards where Queen Bey hangs her leather onesies -- but that's pretty pricey for the rest of us, am I right? Unless she decides to put a ring on the Almond Berry Breakfast Loaf (the most enticing of the offerings), we're probably going to have to pass on this meal plan.

But how cool would it be if Beyonce made these deliveries herself? Imagine opening your door and hanging out with Mrs. Carter while together you enjoy thimble-sized portions of Hearty Nut Granola? If she'd only tell us what really went down between her sister, Solange, and Jay Z in that elevator, we'd consider becoming lifetime subscribers. Or maybe she waits in her catering van while Blue Ivy toddles up to the door with your Southern Black Beans and Vegetables?

I can't be the only person out there who's thinking, If you want me to like it, then you should've put some meat on it!

While we wish her all the best with this new venture, until we get a guarantee that at the end of those 22 days we'll be mistaken for the gorgeous songstress, we're going to skip this new diet.

Would you subscribe to Beyonce's vegan delivery service?

Image via Jason Merritt/Getty Images

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