New Red Velvet Oreos Are Yummy But What’s With the Filling?

red velvet oreosCalling all fans of the famous chocolate and creme sandwich cookies: Limited-edition Red Velvet Oreo cookies arrive on February 2, just in time for Valentine's. And we got a sneak taste!


So. What exactly is "red velvet" about this Oreo? Well, you know how red velvet cake is basically devil's food cake with some red food coloring? That's pretty much the story here. The cookies themselves have a red tint to them. It's pretty subtle. I would say I wish they'd used a lot more red, but then how much red food dye do I really want to ingest? That is always the tricky red velvet question.

red velvet oreos

For comparison, here's what an original Oreo looks like:

oreo cookie

More important than the reddish hue is the cream cheese-flavored creme filling. It actually does have that ever-so-slight tart flavor you get from cream cheese. And I have to admit, I like this creme filling better than the original filling. Too bad these babies are on shelves for just a limited time.

I found them a little too sweet for my taste, but I'm sensitive to sugar. I ate three cookies yesterday morning and my tongue was still sore by the time I went to bed. Maybe all that sugar is there to balance the tiny bit of tartness in the creme filling.

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Of course, there is no replacement for a slice of luscious, freshly baked red velvet cake or a red velvet cupcake. But I think if I've got a craving, these cookies could tide me over. And think of the fun desserts you could make -- red velvet cookie trifle, anyone?

All that said, I am still holding out for Nutella-filled Oreo cookies. Guys, come on. When are we making this happen? Make them and the wealth of the world will be yours.

What do you think -- are Red Velvet Oreos a great idea or too weird for you?


Images via Oreo, Adriana Velez, mihoda/Flickr

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