12 Ways to Put Fun in Your Kids' Breakfast (PHOTOS)

pirate oatmeal

Though it's widely proclaimed as "the most important meal of the day," sometimes it's hard to get kids to sit down and eat a hearty breakfast. Instead of busting out the boring old cereal boxes once again, why not surprise the little guys with some bold breakfast entrees that'll have them running out of bed and making a beeline to the table? 


You can't help but smile when you find a pirate looking up at you from your oatmeal, can you? (And if the kids don't want to finish, tell 'em they have to walk the plank. Argh!) 

We found a dozen cute ways to make breakfast fun again. While these all look delicious, we can't wait to sample #5!

Do you have a go-to breakfast that makes the kids squeal with delight?


Image via HowAboutCookie/Instagram

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