Raunchy Super Bowl Commercial Serves Up Sexism to Sell Burgers -- How Original (VIDEO)

charlotte mckinney eating carls jr burgerAdvertisers love to shock and delight Super Bowl audiences with snazzy new commercials every year, but there's one thing we can rely on seeing without fail year in and out: Bikini-clad models.


Specifically, bikini-clad models doing something that an advertiser wants men to do, too, like drive their car, shop at their store, or eat their fast food. The latter is the case for burger chain Carls, Jr., which already has tongues wagging about their latest Super Bowl commercial featuring "the next Kate Upton."

In the spot, Guess model Charlotte McKinney raves, in voice-over, about the fast food chain's "all-natural," grass-fed burger while walking around "au naturel" at a farmer's market, her assets barely concealed with cheeky placement of fruits and veggies.  

You know you wanna see.

Okay, so they get props for the "wink, wink," tongue-in-cheek tone. That's definitely a bit different than your average, cheap-o scantily-clad lady eye candy.

But at the same time, the chatter that Carls Jr. is going the super-sexist and objectifying route to sell burgers is, well, totally true. Bu should that keep us from trying their new, "all-natural" dish? Nah.

Let's just chalk this one up to the fact that apparently, sometimes you need an up-and-coming star model to make you do a double take at a piece of meat. Yes, even if its all-natural and grass-fed (which is enough to sell some of us on the burger, whereas others may need a little bit more convincing/skin to buy in!).

Thoughts on the ad? Offensive, or cheeky fun? Does it make you want to try the burger?

Image via Carls Jr/YouTube

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