Bread Bags Make Terrible Shoes -- But These 10 Uses Are Genius!


So it turns out newly elected Republican Senator Joni Ernst and I have something in common! When the Iowa politician admitted last night that she grew up wearing bread bags on her feet -- setting Twitter ablaze with jokes at her expense -- I cringed.

Why? Because her confession sparked a series of flashbacks I'd somehow suppressed from my own childhood. That's right, I, too, set off for school with those ridiculous plastic liners (complete with mounds of crumbs at the bottom!) snaking up my legs.


Whenever it rained or snowed, my grandmother insisted we head straight to our bread box where my mom stored what seemed like thousands of empty bread bags -- Wonder, Arnold's, D'Italiano, Thomas's English Muffins, choices galore.

After my siblings and I chose our bags, we'd slip them on over our shoes and then slide the whole ugly package into our boots. But that's not even the worst part. We'd then "secure" them with rubber bands at the top to ensure no water whatsoever got near our shoes! 

I'm pretty sure we could've navigated the carpool without those unfashionable plastic booties creeping up our pant legs, but I get why my grandmother -- and whoever forced Ernst to wear them -- did it.

Bread bags can be repurposed for plenty of practical uses. Just remember, making kids wear them over their shoes isn't one the little guys will appreciate, no matter how dry their feet might be!

Do you reuse bread bags? If so, tell us your favorite way to repurpose them?

Image via Liz Alterman

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