16 Breakfast-in-Bed Recipes for a Sweet Start on Valentine's Day

Liz Alterman | Feb 12, 2018 Food & Party
16 Breakfast-in-Bed Recipes for a Sweet Start on Valentine's Day
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What's the best way to start Valentine's Day off? Breakfast in bed, obviously! What's more romantic and relaxing than sipping a steaming cup of coffee and snuggling up to our partner in the warmth and comfort of our bed? Maybe doing all of that and taking a bite of sweet French toast. Turn on a good movie, crack open a new book, or heck, just start some good conversation. That's what we call an ideal Valentine's Day. 

Few things scream love more than a surprise breakfast-in-bed spread, especially when the tray's adorned with fresh red roses or rose petals. It's a simple and classic gesture of affection, and -- unlike picking out a piece of jewelry or clothing -- one that no one can go wrong with doing for their partner. Personalize it by cooking up their breakfast-weakness meal and having their coffee made just the way they like it. This move is sure to create some memories. 

Let's not forget that Valentine's Day is the perfect day to indulge in decadent chocolate and berry-covered treats, even if it is only the first meal of the day. So this also means that we get to sneak in a few bites of indulgent food. It's really a win-win situation.

To help inspire some Valentine's Day morning menus, we found some simple and delicious recipes that don't require a degree from a culinary institute to dazzle anyone's darling. Read ahead!

  • 1. Heart-Shaped Pancakes

    Heart-Shaped Pancakes
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    All that's needed is a cookie cutter to transform average pancakes into a heart-shaped expression of love. Made from scratch, like from this recipe on Allrecipes, or from a boxed mix, they're sure to be a hit served with warmed maple syrup and fresh berries.

  • 2. Red Velvet Crepes


    Our partner will think they've gone to sleep and awakened in Paris after tasting these red velvet crepes by Taste and Tell. While these might look super fancy, they're actually much easier than one would think. In fact, we can whip these up in under 30 minutes so we can get back in bed while our spot is still warm!

  • 3. Cannoli French Toast


    No syrup required! This delicious and creamy concoction is sweet enough on its own thanks to mini chocolate chips. If our partner already loves the quintessential Italian pastry, they're going to swoon when they taste this cannoli French toast created by Maria, founder of the blog Two Peas in Their Pod, who advises us to have a napkin at the ready. Good thinking!

  • 4. Yogurt-Dipped Strawberries

    Yogurt-Dipped Strawberries

    This recipe for yogurt-dipped strawberries on SparkRecipes couldn't be simpler. To make it a little fancier for our Valentines, we can dip the berries in chocolate or cookie crumbles as pictured above. This is a nice, light start to the day for those who don't normally indulge in a big breakfast. 

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  • 5. Coffee Cake

    Coffee Cake

    For the very traditional sweetheart, why not serve this never-fail coffee cake? It's light and delicious and can be dressed up with a side of fresh strawberries or raspberries. Baking it in a heart-shaped pan definitely ups the "wow" factor! Find the recipe at Lil' Luna.

  • 6. Nutella French Toast

    Nutella French Toast

    If you really want to win someone's heart, whip up these slices of chocolate heaven in the form of Nutella French toast by Two Peas & Their Pod. (Doesn't the name alone leave anyone drooling?) Top this decadent confection with powdered sugar and strawberries and prepare to fall in love!

  • 7. Strawberry Smoothies

    Strawberry Smoothies
    Mariemily Photos

    Get the holiday off to a sweet (yet healthy) start with a strawberry smoothie, like this one from the Food Network. This yummy recipe calls for banana and fresh orange juice, making it good and good for us!

  • 8. Raspberry Scones

    Raspberry Scones

    Raspberry scones are a delicious, flaky breakfast treat sure to impress our sweetheart. Heavy cream prevents the pretty pastries from ending up too dry. Though these are delightfully simple, they look like a real labor of love! Find the recipe at Chowhound.

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  • 9. Eggs Benedict

    Eggs benedict
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    Our lover is sure to be pleasantly surprised to see this brunch staple coming their way. We love this recipe by The Pioneer Woman, which has us making our own delicious hollandaise sauce. 

  • 10. Waffles With Fruit

    Waffles With Fruit

    Waffles dusted with powdered sugar and topped with fresh fruit take an ordinary breakfast to another level, making it a perfect Valentine's Day dish. This comfort food may even inspire us to roll over and go back to sleep for a bit. Sorry, not sorry. Find the recipe at Taste of Home

  • 11. Apple Cinnamon Parfaits

    Apple Cinnamon Parfaits

    Show our partner we care about their health with these apple cinnamon parfaits by Kitchen Treaty. Sweeten Greek yogurt with some honey and cinnamon and they'll think they're having dessert rather than breakfast! 

  • 12. Cinnamon Roll French Toast Bake


    There are few things in this world as indulgent as this cinnamon roll French toast bake recipe by Stockpiling Moms. That's precisely why our lover deserves to nosh on it for Valentine's Day. Oh, and us too.

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  • 13. French Toast Dippers


    Three words: French toast dippers. What type of food is better for eating in bed? We can't think of any! To really take things up a notch, serve a variety of dipping sauces, like syrup, icing, and hot fudge. We like this recipe by Cooking Classy, which has us baking the dippers, which is much more time-friendly.

  • 14. Red Velvet Pancakes

    Red Velvet Pancakes

    Red velvet pancakes are a Valentine's Day classic, and for good reason. Don't forget to make the cream cheese syrup either! Find the recipe at Gimme Delicious Food

  • 15. Bacon Quiche

    Bacon Quiche
    Slawomir Fajer/Shuttersock

    Bacon and eggs? Yes, please. Make it bed friendly by whipping these breakfast favorites into a delicious and cheesy quiche. Find the recipe at Delish. 

  • 16. Heart Egg Toast


    What's cuter than this heart-shaped egg-in-a-hole toast? Nothing. What's easier to make? Also nothing! Use the recipe by Joy of Kosher.

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