'MasterChef Junior' Recap: One Cook Loses His Cool as the Competition Heats Up

MasterChef Junior

Home cooks competing for a chance to be crowned MasterChef Junior once again made whipping up complex dishes look easy as pie -- literally.

Last week's winners, Andrew, Jimmy, and Ryan-Kate, faced off in a lemon meringue pie challenge that had one young cheftestant losing his cool and even screaming at his mixers! (Note to Andrew: They can't hear you!) Check it out!


Jimmy narrowly took the win away from Ryan-Kate, who proved once again she's one to watch this season. But win or lose the kids had a blast smashing their freshly-made pies in the faces of judges Gordon RamsayGraham Elliot, and Joe Bastianich. 

As the winner, Jimmy was named tonight's 'Sultan of Sausage' and allowed to choose teams for the next challenge: making sausages from scratch in under an hour! 

In a strategic move that makes me realize as much as I wouldn't want to cook against Jimmy, I wouldn't fare too well against him in a game of chess either, the young cook took advantage of his good fortune to pair hot-headed Andrew with all-over-the-place Cory. Pretty clever, eh?

Andrew initially seemed to be taking the move as a compliment, surmising that Jimmy views him as a top threat. But he quickly lost sight of that as he struggled to get Cory to focus. (Good luck with that, Andrew!) Though he managed to keep his composure and didn't let wishy-washy Cory have it (like he did with those innocent mixers) the pair finished in the bottom two.

SPOILER ALERT: The duo narrowly avoided elimination thanks to a rather bland dish presented by Micah and Alexis. And, OMG, was it ever sad to see those two sweet, tear-stained faces as the girls said their good-byes. To paraphrase one Twitter fan, I feel like I spend the whole episode willing these children not to cry!  

But I have to say, while Andrew definitely seems like a strong cook, you have to wonder if he was spared tonight because of the drama he seems to be packing along with his culinary prowess. It wouldn't be the first time a reality show (BachelorI'm looking at you!) has kept a loose cannon around to liven things up. Time will tell, I suppose! 

Tonight's victory went to Mia and Jenna whose sausage platter was so delicious and reminiscent of those found at German summer festivals, it was enough to make Bastianich yodel! Even the hard-to-please Ramsay called it "perfection" (the dish, not the yodeling) and said he'd love to take it to his gastropub in Vegas. Not too shabby, ladies!  

Elsewhere in the kitchen, Ayla and Riley, who emerged last week as a Twitter fan favorite, hit a rough patch early on and experienced every hostess' worst nightmare -- they forgot to turn the stove on. Yikes! But despite their tiny, Riley-sized portion, they did just fine! You could almost hear moms everywhere emit a collective "Phew!" once Ramsay admitted he liked their dish. 

The Ramsay the kids saw tonight was a little closer to his Kitchen Nightmares persona than we've seen on previous MasterChef Junior episodes. (Don't you wonder how he keeps his swearing addiction in check around the little guys?) Still, these kids took the criticism like the champs they are. 

Do you think Andrew should've been sent home tonight? 


Image via MasterChef Junior/Facebook

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