Cadbury Creme Eggs' Recipe Switch-Up Is Even Worse Than We Thought

cadbury creme eggIt may not be even remotely close to springtime yet (last I checked, the said it's a balmy 19 degrees!), but chatter around Easter candy has already begun. Specifically, around the fan favorite Cadbury Creme Eggs. News that the manufacturer is changing the cult classic's recipe had the masses nothing short of outraged earlier this week, but the truth is actually even more depressing than we initially thought.


Here's the scoop: Cadbury Creme Eggs aren't changing at all on this side of the pond. The U.S. recipe was already different and doesn't hold a candle to the dairy milk chocolate recipe that was used abroad. That's because Hershey's makes the eggs here, whereas Mondelez International is the European manufacturer.

That said, for Creme Eggs abroad, Mondelez is going to start using "standard cocoa mix chocolate" vs. the "Dairy Milk" chocolate everyone goes mad for. 

That's bad news for Brits -- and also for any smartypants American Creme Egg fans who were getting their Dairy Milk fix from specialty stores that import the sweets from Europe.

That said, Cadbury UK's Facebook page has been blowing up with comments from Creme Egg fans who are protesting the new formulation. So, who knows? Given the backlash and proposed boycotts of the replacement recipe, it's possible Mondelez will hear their cries and stick with Dairy Milk!

And if we get really lucky, Hershey's could realize Americans would prefer Dairy Milk chocolate over the mediocre chocolate we're getting now -- and have been getting for years! -- in our Creme Eggs. But I wouldn't count your chickens!

Are you a Creme Egg fan? How do you feel about missing out on the beloved 'Dairy Milk' recipe?


Image via comedynose/Flickr

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