4 Kinds of Cheesy Pull-Apart Bread Take Comfort Food to a New Level

cheesy pull-apart bread

When we recently discovered the pull-apart bread craze that is taking over the food boards on Pinterest, we totally had the Super Bowl in mind. But the more we dug into all of the stretchy, gooey, cheesy variations out there, we're now thinking of having one of these for dinner. Like, tonight. I mean, LOOK at that photo! Has your drool short-circuited your keyboard yet?


cheesy breadNo? Good, because we asked bloggers to share their four favorite pull-apart bread recipes. They are so easy, quick, and scrumptious that no one should go on living life without trying one at least once, for a party or no special occasion at all!

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Cheesy Bacon-Filled Pull Apart Bread

Samantha, food blogger and founder of FiveHeartHome.com, says that once she spotted these loaves of cheesy goodness on Pinterest, she knew she and the bread "were meant to be." The home cook explains how she devised her own cheesy bacon-filled take (pictured above) on this soon-to-classic Super Bowl food:

In creating this ultimate football-watching appetizer, I decided to incorporate some of my personal favorite flavors. And let me tell you ... this bread indeed includes quite a few of my most favorite things to eat in general. Let’s examine the list: bread, butter, bacon, garlic, and cheese. Yup. This bread is heaven-sent ... if heaven is a place where carbs, calories, and cholesterol don’t exist.

Pull-Apart Pepperoni Pizza Bread

Self-taught cook Stephanie at CremedelaCrumb.com adores pepperoni pizza and decided to stuff a loaf with discs of the spicy meat, cut in half, and two to three cups of shredded mozzarella to create her very own pull-apart pepperoni pizza bread. Bonus: It's ready in under 30 minutes (which is really like two minutes in Super Bowl time).

Vegetarian Pull-Apart Bread

Vegetarians don't need to miss all the fun. Meatless options abound and include a yummy spinach and artichoke version that incorporates mozzarella and garlic. (Are you drooling yet?) Another "green" twist on this bread is the Jalapeno Popper, put together by TheBakerChick.com. Come to think of it, these breads might be fun on St. Paddy's Day since they're bursting with color. 

Cheddar Bacon Ranch Bread

Nicknamed "crack bread" by its creator over at Plain Chicken, this cheddar bacon ranch bread calls for packaged bacon bits, saving you time and making less work for you in the kitchen.

Do you have a pull-apart bread you'd like to share? Our taste buds will thank you!


Image via FiveHeartHome.com & Elena Shashkina/shutterstock

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