Family Charged $10,000 for Chicken Meal After Making 1 Common Mistake

chicken dinner

We sure hope those breasts and thighs were worth it! A family dining out on a pretty standard chicken dinner inadvertently ended up paying over $9,500 for the fare. 

Say what? The diners, eating at a London location of the chicken chain Nando's, ordered meals totaling $95.75 but, due to a credit card glitch, ended up being charged 10 times that amount. 


Fortunately, a staffer caught the error and quickly rectified it before the customers left the restaurant. 

"I can’t believe the most expensive meal of my life was at Nando’s," said Aurel Lupsa, who was dining with his wife, child, niece, and her husband. "It's good chicken, but it's not that good."  

Luckily things worked out well for Lupsa, but it makes us wonder: How often do customers check their receipts before signing and moving on to their next errand or destination?

In many restaurants it's customary to add the gratuity -- sometimes as much as 20 percent -- for parties larger than six or eight. If you're not aware of it, you can easily end up double tipping, and for a big group, that can get pretty pricey. And if you're paying with a debit card, this could easily send you into overdraft, with its accompanying fees and charges, causing an unexpected nightmare.

We're glad Lupsa's story had a happy ending and can serve as a cautionary tale reminding us to double check those tabs before just handing over the plastic! 

Do you check your receipt each time you dine out?


Image © Paul Brighton/shutterstock

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