10 Easy Sugar Cookie Recipes Just in Time for Christmas (PHOTOS)

Liz Alterman | Dec 17, 2014 Food & Party


The holidays are a perfect time to get creative in the kitchen. But as much fun as it is to bake and decorate -- especially with the kids -- you may find yourself pressed for time and in need of super-easy cookie recipes.

Well, look no further! We've found 10 simple and versatile sugar cookie recipes that will tempt your taste buds. From chocolate and chewy to crunchy peppermint or fluffy poinsettias, there's a style to please every palate.

Check out our slideshow and then tell us: What's your go-to holiday cookie recipe?


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  • Colorful Cookie Trees


    Image via jerine/Flickr

    This easy sugar cookie recipe produces super-velvety dough. And the resulting cookies are "not too sweet, not too plain" and "bake in 8 minutes," crow reviewers. Choose any colors (or cookie-cutters) you like and make them your own. For ideas on how to make your cookies look as pretty as these, check out this decorating tutorial.

  • Cookie Wreaths


    Image via Rudianos/Flickr

    Cookie cutters with fluted edges give these lovely Christmas wreaths a professional look without having to pay bakery prices! A pastry bag with a #2 plain tip works to shape the "greens" as well as the festive holly berries. 

  • Poinsettia Sugar Cookies


    Image via MoniquePatterson/Twitter

    These poinsettia sugar cookies are a show-stopper ... and don't require hours of effort. Make them with refrigerated cookie dough, and put all the "wow" into the yummy buttercream icing. Be sure to watch for the tip on how to get the perfect red!

  • Santa Face Sugar Cookies


    Image via Jo Naylor/Flickr

    Mrs. Claus would sure get a kick out of these cute little Santa faces! Kids will love decorating these festive cookies. There are plenty of options when it comes to making that famous white beard! Frosting, coconut, or even white chocolate will do! For inspiration on how get make jolly old St. Nick look his very best, check out these step-by-step directions

  • Snowflake Cookies


    Image via OurBestBites.com

    These cookies are almost too pretty to eat. Check out the tutorial at OurBestBites.com to learn how to make glacé icing, which not only tastes good, it allows your cookies to be stackable and packable for easy giving!

  • Chewy Sugar Cookies


    Image via ChezCateyLou.com

    Shhh ... these chewy sugar cookies pack a secret ingredient that lend them the perfect texture: Cream cheese! Better yet, they're easy to whip up and require just a little colored sugar to decorate, making them a truly perfect last-minute Christmas recipe. 

  • Sprinkle Cookies


    Image via rcolonna/Flickr

    Simply want the best sugar cookies out there? Then cook up Martha Stewart's recipe (complete with ingenious tips to keep them from sticking). The easy part is the decorating: Give your mouthwatering creations a festive facelift with a thick coating of holiday sprinkles! 

  • Chocolate Sugar Cookies


    Image via jazzijava/Flickr

    Want to take your basic sugar cookie to the next level? Then opt for chocolate sugar cookies. Dusted with a bit of confectioners' sugar, they'll look like they came straight from the North Pole. 

  • Peppermint Sugar Cookies


    Image via TheShiftedLibrarian/Flickr

    Peppermint crunch sugar cookies offer a great opportunity to use up some of those leftover candy canes you may have lying around. You can also lessen your prep time by using refrigerated sugar cookie dough. Sweet!

  • Candy Cane Sugar Cookies


    Image via YouTube

    These adorable candy cane cookies taste as good as they look, and they're lots of fun for little hands to twist together. Dust them with some colorful sprinkles for added sparkle ... and enjoy!

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