11 Homemade Goodies Made More Special by Their Gift Wrapping

Liz Alterman | Dec 18, 2014 Food & Party
11 Homemade Goodies Made More Special by Their Gift Wrapping

holiday cookie packagingSo you've been baking up a storm and you're super-proud of your efforts, but now how do you package your confections to make them look as perfect as possible?

You've gone the traditional cookie tin route in the past, but seriously, you're ready to take it to the next level. What's a holiday baker to do? Don't panic and just toss your cookies (that doesn't sound good, does it, moms?) on any old paper plate! We've found 11 simple and stunning ways to show off your goodies! 

Check out our slideshow of these fun and festive treats and the clever ways to deliver them and then tell us: What's your favorite packaging trick? 


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  • Hand-Wrapped Cookie Dough


    Image via OurBestBites.com

    Choose your favorite cookie dough, wrap it in plastic wrap, then roll parchment paper around it and tie the ends with your favorite holiday ribbon. (You can even throw in a few ready-made cookies to accompany this yummy gift if you're feeling extra-generous!)

  • Graham Cracker Toffee


    Image via ChezCateyLou

    This graham cracker toffee is as colorful as it is yummy. Wrap it in simple cellophane and then tie it with a ribbon that matches the tasty topping you've selected for a color-coordinated confection!

  • Take-Out Containers Filled With a Minty Treat


    Image via OurBestBites.com

    Chinese take-out style containers, found in craft stores and Chinese restaurants, of course, make adorable and versatile packaging. Dress them up with some festive wrapping paper or hand-crafted snowflakes, or keep them simple with a decorative ribbon. They're the perfect shape for yummy peppermint Chex mix.

  • Chocolate Shortbread Cookies Served Up on a Cutting Board


    Image via ChezCateyLou

    These yummy and adorable chocolate shortbread cookies are made with just five ingredients! You can deliver them on a small cutting board with a decorative dishtowel. Wrap it all in clear cellophane and tie it up with a colorful bow. 

  • Jar of Fudge


    Image ©iStock.com/jasmina81

    From peanut butter to caramel sea salt, you'll find plenty of delicious fudge recipes to sample and bring to friends and family this holiday season! But how to package them is the question! Why not place them inside a mason jar for your recipients to use long after the candy is gone. Tie it with a ribbon or place a colorful gift tag on top and voila!

  • Shipping Container for Chocolate Bark


    Image via YouTube

    Who doesn't love chocolate, crunchy nuts, and chewy caramel? Try making any of these 11 do-it-yourself chocolate bark recipes and prepare for the rave reviews to roll in -- especially when you've packaged them in these tall shipping containers available at any craft store. 

  • Waxed Paper Bags


    Image via YouTube

    Who knew waxed paper bags and clothespins could look so cute? These adorable packages come together quickly with just a few items from your craft store. Stickers complete the look, but if you don't have any, the clothespin is the perfect way to attach your handwritten holiday message. These bags are just the right size for holding a delicious chewy sugar cookie!

  • Gingerbread Man Gift Boxes


    Image via YouTube

    Your average cardboard box transforms into an adorable holiday package with the help of some colorful string and the gift tag of your choice. They're perfect for housing a square cookie, like these adorable peanut butter reindeer cooked up by Cate from ChezCateyLou.com. 

    Tip: If you're going to be giving a treat with even the slightest hint of grease in it, line the box with waxed paper first, or place your confection inside a plastic bag before packaging. 

  • Paper Plate Cookie Box


    Would you ever think that a basic paper plate could turn into this simple and elegant gift basket in no time! A decorative ribbon adds the finishing touch. Line up some soft and chewy chocolate chip cookies inside and you'll be giving one of the sweetest gifts of the season!

  • Wooden Basket of Biscotti


    Image © iStock.com/esokolovskaya

    Line a little wooden basket, available at craft stores and garden centers, with a holiday-inspired dish towel before filling it with cranberry and white chocolate biscotti. This show-stopping recipe makes delicious 28 bars so you can divide them among your recipients and still have some left for your family!

  • Cone-Shaped Hostess Gift


    Image via YouTube

    Looking for a way to dazzle your Christmas party hostess? Try this: Pick up some translucent scrapbooking paper, ribbon, and an embellishment or ornament, and create your very own cone-shaped package. Wondering what to put inside? Give these burnt sugar almonds a try. Cate, founder of food blog ChezCateyLou.com, says they're sweet, salty, nutty, and "dangerously addictive."

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