11 Women Share the Worst Edible Gift They've Ever Received (PHOTOS)

Liz Alterman | Dec 17, 2014 Food & Party

You can tell yourself it's the thought that counts, but if you've ever received a homemade edible gift that's gone horribly wrong, all you can think is Yuck!

Sure, someone took the time to craft this (insert "food item that had great potential until so-and-so screwed up the directions" here) inspired treat just for you. You should be grateful, right? Well, that's easier said than done sometimes. 

While it seems nearly everyone has a bad fruitcake story, these women fared worse: Read on for hilarious tales of the most horrific homemade treats they've ever received ...

Check out our slideshow and then tell us: What's the worst edible gift you've ever received?


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  • Mean-Spirited Cookies


    "After weight loss surgery my sister gave me two tins of homemade chocolate and cookies. She told my mom I had to always be the fat sister," says CafeMom contributor Libbybell. Can you imagine?

  • Moldy Cranberry Bread


    "I received a lovely looking mini-cranberry bread from a friend as a Christmas gift, but when I took it out of its tin to slice it, the entire bottom of it was covered in mold," says Margaret B. 

  • Turkey Cake -- for Vegans


    "Last Thanksgiving, someone gave me a cake with a turkey on it," says Ricki. "It looked delicious, but it was gluten-free and dairy-free and tasted like something I could've used to spackle the walls."

  • Chocolate Chip Cookies Sans Sugar


    Can you ever go wrong with chocolate chip cookies? Apparently so! Stephanie B. says her babysitter baked a batch for her family but left out a key ingredient. "They tasted like sand, and she proudly told us she'd left out all the sugar to make them healthier." Yikes!

  • Rum Balls


    CafeMom contributor caismom2 received a treat that should've been delicious rather than disappointing. "Rum balls from a neighbor one year. I think it was her first attempt at trying to be Suzy Homemaker," she says. "They were awful!"

  • Prune Cobbler


    CafeMom contributor Theresaphilly found herself on the receiving end of something we didn't even know was a dessert option! "Prune Cobbler, and it is worse than you can imagine. #GROSS," she says.

  • Half-Baked Banana Bread


    "My neighbor, who rarely bakes, brought me a banana bread," says Mindy C. "It was a really nice gesture but it wasn't cooked all the way through and the middle was just total mush." 

  • Bacon-Flavored Everything


    "A box of bacon-flavored things" is the worst edible gift Lorraine Elliott ever received. "I love bacon but everything was really processed and didn't contain any bacon," she laments. "My heart broke a little because my friend was obviously trying to speak to my bacon obsession, but I couldn't really eat it."

  • Anything With 'Surprise' in the Name


    While she appreciated the gesture, CafeMom contributor MaddiesMom10 says the "tuna surprise" she received after having a baby is the worst edible gift she's ever gotten. (We think any time "surprise" is included in the name of your meal, you have to be a little wary.)

  • Peanut Butter Cookies


    "Peanut butter cookies," says CafeMom contributor Kit Manson. "I love those things! Unfortunately, they had a mix-up with the sugar and salt." 

  • 'Homemade' Sausages


    Jeanne S. shared her worst edible present: Summer sausage logs, an assortment of meats, handmade by neighbors who fancy themselves butchers. While some recipients might think of this as a great gift, for Jeanne, not so much, she's vegetarian!

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