10 Disgusting Childhood Foods We'll Never Eat Again (PHOTOS)

Liz Alterman | Dec 11, 2014 Food & Party

liverwurstDo you ever walk down a supermarket aisle only to feel your stomach flip or suffer terrible flashbacks all at the sight of an innocent food? Well, you're not alone!

Many of moms out there have sworn off some childhood staples for a variety of reasons -- some foods are just plain unhealthy while others were simply over-served while they were kids. (Fish sticks, we're looking at you!) 

For me, it's liverwurst -- that childhood food that for whatever reason absolutely repulses me as an adult.

We polled some moms to find out what foods they just can't abide and won't ever suggest their kids try either! Check out our slideshow and then tell us: Which food can you no longer stand that you ate consistently throughout your childhood? 

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  • Cottage Cheese


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    "I grew up during the '70s when cottage cheese was revered like some kind of amazing super food," recalls Debra, 44. "We were forced to eat this once a week. Plain. On its own. Now just the thought of it and that texture is gross!" 

  • Lima Beans


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    "Growing up we weren't allowed to leave the table until our plates were clean," says Samantha, 37. "Lima beans were the thing that always tripped me up and had me stuck there long after my brothers and sister were outside playing. Even the dog wouldn't eat them!" 

  • Spam


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    CafeMom contributor HarleyQN brought up a food we'd all like to forget!
    "My dad loved fried Spam instead of bacon or sausage, with his pancakes. Bleck!" Our thoughts exactly, Harley, though we hear it's wildly popular in Hawaii!

  • Fish Sticks


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    "Poor fish sticks, they really did nothing wrong," says Michele, 39. "But we had them every Friday night because that's when my parents went out. So I associate them with being left with my grandmother who chain-smoked and watched game shows. My kids would probably love them but I can't bring myself to serve them." 

  • Sugar Cereals


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    "My brother and I used to eat sugar cereals straight out of the box every afternoon while watching Brady Bunch and Gilligan's Island," says Elizabeth, 43. "Looking back, I can't believe my mom never stopped us. We were pretty much licking our hands and sticking them right back in the box. I can't even think about it without squealing at how gross that was!"

  • Canned Pasta


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    "OMG! We were raised on Chef Boyardee and that orange sauce would stain everything! My dad used to joke that he could probably paint the house with it and it would last for years," Dawn, 45, says.

  • Steak-Umms


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    "I don't know what they're made it, but looking back, it sure doesn't seem like steak!" says Beth, 45. "We ate them every Saturday afternoon and the house would smell well into Sunday!"

  • Bologna & Miracle Whip


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    "I took a bologna and Miracle Whip sandwich to school every day for years," recalls Susan, 41. "No wonder I was such a soft, squishy kid."

  • Cheese in a Spray Can


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    "Cheese in a spray can -- what was that?" Tanya, 34, asks. "We would squirt it directly into our mouths and then just stick the can back in the fridge, which is gross on so many levels!" 

  • Fruit Roll-Ups


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    "My kids' dentist is always talking about how bad those leather fruit things are for your teeth," Kara, 44, says, "and my sister and I lived on those! Guess that explains all the cavities."

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