10 Super Thoughtful Meals to Make for Your Friend Who Just Had a Baby (PHOTOS)

Liz Alterman | Dec 11, 2014 Food & Party

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Your dear friend just had a baby and you want to do something nice for her aside from popping in with some adorable onesies and packages of diapers. Like making her eat! After all, she's a little busy right now, and pulling out the food processor or Pinterest recipe is the last thing on her mind (sleep is the first, second, and third on the list ... eating comes in about fourth).

Plus, a woman cannot survive on the neighbor's baked ziti casserole alone. Running over a warm homecooked dinner or even a special snack or dessert you prepared yourself is probably the sweetest thing you can do, especially if she's nursing or has older kids (and a husband) with hungry tummies, too.

We asked moms who've been there and nutritionists to share some thoughtful ideas with a harried new mother in mind. Feast your eyes on these 10 great recipes with a nutritional bonus and then tell us: Which one would YOU want to devour if you just had a baby?

Image © Roberto Westbrook/Corbis

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