5-Step Chocolate-Covered Strawberries Will Be the Hit of Your Holiday Party (PHOTOS)


Chocolate-covered strawberries -- they're not just for Valentine's Day anymore! You can dress up these sweet treats for Christmas with the colorful toppings of your choice and dazzle your friends and family. 

Not only is it great to see the kids enjoy some fresh fruit (even if it's smothered in chocolate), these gorgeous confections make a wonderful homemade gift. 


They're pretty easy to find off-season nowadays -- even though you do have to be a little picky. Remember, the redder the better. Look over your berries for any green edges (sour!) or soft spots (they'll take away from achieving an even coating) and remove those from your pile. Now you're ready to begin!

Check out our slideshow to see how quickly you can put this showstopping dessert together and then tell us: Have you ever made your own chocolate-covered strawberries?  

Image via Liz Alterman

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