Most Vegetarians Go Back to Meat Eventually Because of 1 Simple Mistake


I'm a self-proclaimed meat-lover. I salivate at the thought of a sizzling steak. I adore chicken, in all its glorious versatility, and have experimented with a million different ways to cook the other white meat, pork, as well. 

Yes, I love veggies too, but are they enough to make me forsake my carnivorous ways? I'm sorry, no. Apparently, I'm not alone. 


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According to a recent study, 84 percent of vegetarians and vegans eventually return to eating meat. Can we blame them? I sure can't! Imagine never biting into a juicy cheeseburger again? I can't even bear the thought!

What's even more interesting is that many abandoned their newfound ways pretty early on. Funded by the Humane Research Council, which partnered with Harris Interactive, the study took a look at the meat-consuming habits of more than 11,000 adults in America and found that more than half of former herbivores give up their new diets within the first year.

Why? Because many had made an abrupt shift to the new lifestyle, citing health as their primary motivator. This could explain why so many found themselves back at the butcher shop so quickly. Change is hard -- especially when it's sudden. 

I know when I give up something for Lent -- let's say chocolate, for example -- sometimes going cold turkey makes me long for that missing thing all the more. Those who made the transition more gradually were able to stick with it longer, which makes sense to me. 

So, just how do you remain meat-free once you commit to that decision? The study concluded that rather than focus on the "why" behind becoming vegetarian or vegan, more needs to be done to promote "how" to live in the day-to-day reality of that choice.

I know I've seen vegetarian friends struggle with what to eat at summer barbecues (once they're sick of the potato and pasta salads) or even around the holidays -- particularly the turkey-intense Thanksgiving. 

While I admire their will-power, if one of them should to return to Team Carnivore as this study suggests will likely happen, I will welcome them with open arms and a pulled pork sandwich.  

Have you ever experimented with vegetarianism?

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