10 Travel-Friendly Thanksgiving Dishes for Hitting the Road (PHOTOS)

family packing up car tripFor anyone who isn't hosting but also isn't dining out this Thanksgiving, a special conundrum arises: What can you bring to Turkey Day dinner at someone else's home that will withstand holiday travel?


Given that 91 percent of us drive to our Thanksgiving spread, and the average trip length is 214 miles, bringing dishes that are travel-friendly is a must. So, whether you're only hopping in the car for a half hour or you're in for a major road trip to get to your final destination, we rounded up 10 Thanksgiving dishes that you can make ahead and that "travel well."  

pumpkin pie thanksgiving

Check them out, and then tell us: Where are you heading for Thanksgiving this year?

Images via iStock.com/fstop123 & iStock.com/bhofack2

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