12 Tempting Sandwiches Using Holiday Dinner Leftovers

Adriana Velez | Nov 24, 2014 Food & Party

lefotver turkey sandwich

Confession time: I cook more than I actually need for my holiday meals just so I can have leftovers. Anyone else? I figure, if I'm going through all that trouble to make something special, we should enjoy it for more than one meal. Am I right? And what's especially fun about holiday meal leftovers is the way you can remix your dishes in new ways, especially with sandwiches. Have you ever tried any of these tasty combinations?

What's your favorite holiday leftovers sandwich?

grilled ham and cheese sandwiches

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  • Mufaletta With Turkey Leftovers


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    A mufaletta is a New Orleans-style sandwich made on a large, round French or Italian bread with olive tapenade (or just chopped olives), sliced red onions, cheese, and meat -- in this case, your leftover turkey. Go ahead and add greens from your salad and maybe even some of your veggie sides.

  • Christmas Ham Sandwich


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    Have you heard about The Ultimate Christmas Leftovers Sandwich? It has turkey and ham, plus cranberry sauce, stuffing, and cheese.

  • Thanksgiving Po' Boy


    Image © Julie Dermansky/Corbis

    A po' boy is a Louisiana-style sub sandwich made of roast meats on a crusty hero roll. Be sure to add plenty of gravy and any other toppings you like, including those leftover mashed potatoes.

  • Grilled Ham & Cheese Sandwich


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    Your leftover ham will be scrumptious in a grilled ham and cheese sandwich. I like to make mine by buttering the outsides of each slice of bread, layering in a super melty cheese, and pressing between two hot griddles (since I don't have a panini press). If you're feeling fancy, try the French-style version, a croque monsieur.

  • Chipotle Turkey Club Sandwich


    Image © Janssen, Valerie/the food passionates/Corbis

    A classic club sandwich is made with toasted bread, roast turkey or chicken, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise. Here's a tasty twist on that: Chipotle turkey club sandwich.

  • Grilled Ham & Egg Sandwich


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    For brunch, you can use that holiday ham to make a grilled egg and ham sandwich, also known as the croque madame.

  • Turkey Wraps


    Image © the food passionates/Corbis

    No need to limit yourself to ordinary bread. If you're feeling like going a little lighter after the feast, try a turkey wrap like this turkey wrap with curry-chutney mayonnaise and peanuts. Or just make your wrap with turkey and one or two of your side vegetables.

  • Monte Christmas Sandwich


    Image via kevinbednarz/Instagram

    A Monte Cristo sandwich is a batter-fried sandwich. Doesn't get more decadent than that! Here's an insane recipe for a Christmas Monte Cristo.

  • Turkey on Sweet Rolls


    Image via © Day, Alice/the food passionates/Corbis

    If you're lucky enough to have leftover sweet breads like challah, they make a wonderful base for a sandwich, especially with sweet cranberry sauce. Those breads aren't just for breakfast!

  • Turkey Pita Sandwich


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    Just like with the wrap, you can tuck your leftover turkey and sides into a pita and it'll hold everything more securely than ordinary bread would. Include those salad greens for some crunch.

  • Ham on Croissant


    Image © iStock.com/kimeveruss

    Ham and cheese on a buttery croissant: It's like they were made for each other. And it's so rich, you don't need anything else on it. Grill it or just eat it plain -- either way it's delicious.

  • Cuban Sandwich


    Image © Morgans, Gareth/the food passionates/Corbis

    Also known as a Cubano, a Cuban sandwich has ham, cheese, mustard, pickles, and roast pork. If you're working with leftover holiday ham, go ahead and skip the roast pork. Grill and enjoy!


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