'Cake Boss' in Cuffs After Drunk Driving Arrest

Cake Boss Buddy ValastroThe "Cake Boss," aka Buddy Valastro, found himself in hot water Thursday morning when New York City police observed his 2014 yellow Corvette swerving in and out of lanes on 10th Avenue. The 37-year-old star of TLC's family-friendly reality show smelled like booze, according to police, and subsequently failed multiple field sobriety tests, according to TMZ.

The fondant aficionado was arrested and charged with drunk driving.

Say it ain't so, Buddy! Has the reality show curse reached the owner of the famed Carlo's Bakery?


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With outposts of the Hoboken flagship store his family owns and operates popping up faster than, well, cake pops, Buddy must be under a lot of pressure. Plus, his mom has been battling ALS, no doubt adding to the stress. 

Some who heard the news speculated that it's working with his family that drove the dad of four to drink. But drinking and driving is nothing to joke about, and this news is sure to devastate fans who have enjoyed the wholesomeness Buddy and his baking brood embodied. 

Everyone makes mistakes but, unfortunately, this is a big one -- especially for a man who could certainly could afford cab fare or a car service back to his Montville, New Jersey, home. 

Thankfully, no one was injured, and hopefully the next time Buddy is in the news, it'll be for one of his fabulous culinary creations.

Does this change your opinion of Buddy Valastro?

Image via Liz Alterman

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