2-Minute French Toast in a Cup Recipe (PHOTO)

french toast in a cup

Who’s got the munchies? Ha! Seeing as our Cup of Coffee Cake (in Under 5 Minutes) was our most popular post of 2011, I thought y’all might enjoy my other favorite last-minute snack, which is even quicker and easier and more fattening (and therefore more delicious/more embarrassing to admit I eat on a regular basis). 

It’s French toast in a cup, made in your microwave and topped off with a generous ssquirt of ssyrup (which is making my ssssss key kind of sssticky right now).

So please, grab a slice of bread and allow me to blow your mind ...


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Bread (1 piece per cup)

Pat of butter

1 egg

3 Tbsp milk

Pinch of cinnamon

1 drop vanilla extract (optional)

Maple syrup


1. Cube the bread.

2. Get your cup or cups ready. Butter the inside -- either rub a pat of butter around or melt the butter in the microwave and slosh it around. Up to you.

3. Place the bread in the cup of your choosing. I used two small cups this time because my pesky husband wanted in on the action, but one big cup totally works. About a slice or a slice and a half will do it. Smoosh it down a bit but don’t compact it so much because you need the liquid to be able to work its way in.

For the rest of this super cute, amazingly simple, and completely delicious 2-minute French toast in a cup recipe, head over to Pretty Prudent.

What's your go-to microwave recipe?

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