Stocking Stuffers: Toast Earrings and Cupcake Ornaments

toast earrings

Buttered Toast Earrings by rockerchic, $6

What do today's Stocking Stuffers have in common? They are both from talented CafeMom Etsy Moms.

Two Pats of Butter Buttered Toast Earrings

Why I Love It: I love rockerchic's jewelry so much, I want to eat it up. Check out her various foodie-inspired earrings including strawberry cake, chocolate eclair, and these darling toast earrings.

Get It: Rockerchic's Shop (CafeMom rockerchic), $6


cupcake ornament

Cupcake Ornament by melaniescrafts, $6

Cupcake Ornament

Why I Love It: Add sparkle to your Christmas tree with cute mini cupcake ornaments. It would go perfectly with whimsical lollipop ornaments made by the same designer.

Get It: Melaniescrafts Shop (CafeMom MelaniesCrafts), $6

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