10 Easy Thanksgiving DIY Centerpieces ​(PHOTOS)

Thanksgiving is all about the food -- right after family, that is. Set the stage for the former and really wow the latter by topping your Thanksgiving table with gourds, flowers, candles, and more!

We found unique Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas that'll appeal to just about any hostess, from glitzy gold to understated arrangements. And here's one more thing to be thankful for this year: All of these centerpieces are incredibly easy to make!

Check out our roundup and then tell us: How do you usually decorate your Thanksgiving table?

Image via Green Wedding Shoes

  • Small Floral Pumpkins


    Image via Green Wedding Shoes

    Are you already sick of the Thanksgiving color scheme? Kick orange and yellow to the curb and set your table with something more colorful. Floral designer Kiana Underwood of Tulipina puts a spin on pumpkin season by adding roses to mini gourds for an unconventional floral look.

  • Gold Table Decor


    Go for the gold at your Turkey Day feast. Blogger Crystal Owens shows you how to gild your gourds with cheap, thrifted pumpkins and gold spray paint. She suggests pairing the tablescape with a burlap table runner for a big wow-factor.

  • Flowers in a Pumpkin 'Vase'


    Flowers are an easy way to beautify any surface without much fuss. And pumpkins? Well, that's a no-brainer for fall decor. Entertaining and lifestyle expert Jenny Steffens Hobick turns this quintessential autumn fruit into the highlight of her table by making a pumpkin into a vase and filling it with red and orange blooms.

  • Pumpkins and Candles in Wooden Box


    Image via The Idea Room

    A planter is a simple way to corral different decorative elements into one streamlined focal point. At The Idea Room, Amy Huntley offers an easy how-to for creating a seasonal centerpiece, using garlands, candles, and pumpkins, that don't draw attention away from the Thanksgiving feast.

  • Wheat Centerpiece


    Image via Finding Home

    Skip pricey flowers and decorate with something a little more humble. Laura Putnam over at Finding Home invoked the spirit of harvest time by showcasing a bushel of wheat in ceramic pitchers. Foxtail weeds can sub in a pinch (just keep in mind that they’re poisonous to pets).

  • White Pumpkins and Roses


    Image via Flowerfactor/Flickr

    We love the planter idea so much, we’re featuring it twice! The highlight of this arrangement is that it's low; your guests can easily hold conversations across the table without having to peek around taller centerpieces. For an elegant display, spray mini pumpkins with white paint and add some pheasant feathers (can be found at most craft stores) for a touch of whimsy.

  • Crab Apple Vases Centerpieces


    Image via Roosterfarm/Flickr

    Have leftover fruit from your apple-picking trip? Display it at your Thanksgiving table by putting floral foam brick (available at most craft stores) into a wide-vase and arranging apples speared on plant stakes into the foam until there is no empty space showing.

  • Cranberry and Roses Centerpiece


    Image via Dishingupdelights/Flickr

    If you make your cranberry sauce from scratch, you know that there are always extra berries left over. Instead of chucking 'em, pour them into a rectangular vase partially filled with water. Then trim fresh flowers and place them into the vase as well -- the cranberries will make sure that they’ll stand up straight!

  • Boxwood and Pine Cone Centerpiece


    Image via On Sutton Place

    Bring fall’s beautiful bounty to your dinner table. Start by collecting pine cones near your home (also available at most craft stores) and arrange them on a bed of branches and greenery in a large, low bowl. It’s au naturel, stunning, and most importantly -- simple! Bonus: You can put it together in under 10 minutes.

  • Milk Jugs Centerpiece


    Image via JuvyJewels/Etsy

    Your centerpiece doesn’t have to be too complicated. We love the simple look of milk bottle vases coated in matte paint. Adhesive chalkboard labels (available at many craft or office supply stores) showcase whatever message matters to your family. Low on time? Skip the DIY and purchase a trio of ready-made milk bottles ($21) from Etsy seller JuvyJewels.


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