My Family's Little 'Dinner Problem' Led Us to Do Something Crazy to Fix It

Blue ApronWhen my husband and I first met, he famously told me: "Anything that takes longer to cook than to eat is a waste of time." Kill me now. Later, he also announced that he truly wished there were a pill he could take every day that would curb his hunger and give him all the nutrients he needed for the day.

As a lover of food, it broke my heart. But I married him anyway since I loved him already by then, and besides, I did all the cooking in our relationship. And for more than a decade, that is exactly how it's been.


I love to mix it up and experiment. We both love spicy foods, so I made 15 different kinds of curries with spice blends that blew our tongues off. I tried Cincinnati chili and lettuce wraps and cassoulet and roasted vegetables. He grilled, but for the most part, cooking was entirely up to me. Every night. For 12 years. It's a lot to ask of one person.

We tried various ways to make it easier. I subscribed to more than one meal planning website where they send you five recipes and a grocery list and send you on your way. But finding all the ingredients wasn't always easy, and the burden was always still on me.

The fact is we moms have plenty of other things in our lives without adding in cooking and shopping. I have a full-time job, three children, fitness to maintain, and a multitude of personal goals that just are not conducive to spending an hour in the kitchen every day of the week. And so we ended up getting takeout. A lot. Sometimes even five days a week. 

We needed to find a way to share the cooking. Enter Blue Apron.

About three months ago, my husband saw an ad for the service that would deliver fresh ingredients, separated and perfectly portioned, to your door along with recipes and step-by-step instructions. It costs $60 a week and is worth every penny. For my husband, it has taken all the fear and guesswork out of cooking.

He no longer has to run to the store with a list of unfamiliar ingredients. He doesn't have to search the Internet and meal plan. Everything is neatly packaged and delivered to our door and he can experiment and learn new things without the overwhelming part.


In the three months since we have started, my husband has gone from "can I take a pill" to "give me all the food in all the universe." We have eaten pan-seared steak that was better than you'd get in any restaurant, a kale chicken Caesar salad that knocked our socks off, and lamb sliders so delicious and spicy, I still dream about them. And all of it was made by my husband.

yummy food
Pan seared cod with pickled grapes and summer succotash.

Now, when he gets home, he takes off his shoes, turns on the radio to his music (or NPR), and digs into the food. He's started experimenting more in the kitchen beyond Blue Apron, too. He just needed the confidence boost that came from pan-toasting hazelnuts and roasting potatoes to perfection every night. Truly. The man can cook. We never get takeout anymore because Blue Apron is better.

Blue Apron
Chicken satay with marinated green tomatoes and peanut sauce.

There are other meal delivery services like Blue Apron. A friend of mine swears by Plated, which looks good, too. But we are sticking with what has worked for us. I look forward to his meals now and can't wait until dinner. We eat together as a family every night by candlelight and talk about our days.

It's been a revolution. So, yes, it's true. A meal delivery service changed my life. And I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Bon appetit!

Have you ever tried something like this?


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