When Onions Make Your Eyes Sting

onionMy eyes always burn whenever I'm cutting an onion. This is because a gas is released when you cut an onion that irritates the eye and produces tears to flush out the irritant. Usually, I have to take a break halfway through, or I try to recruit Mr. Cafe Kim to take over for me so I can have a little relief. CafeMoms had some great tricks for reducing the onion sting.

What's your trick?


According to CafeMoms, here's what you should do to prevent an onion from making your eyes burn:

  • Light a candle
  • Place peeled onion in the freezer 30 minutes before cutting
  • Rinse the onion under water before cutting
  • Wear goggles
  • Chew gum while cutting

How Stuff Works agrees with these remedies for the most part and also offers a few more:

  • Move your head as far away from the onion as possible
  • Breathe through your mouth when cutting the onion
  • Hold a lemon peel, bread, or sugar cube in your mouth while cutting (so that it will absorb the gas before it reaches your eyes)

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