'Cake Boss' Buddy Valastro Shares 8 Fantastic Holiday Cake Tips (PHOTOS)

Liz Alterman | Oct 30, 2014 Food & Party

Cake Boss Buddy Valastro

Who wouldn't want to be able to create a show-stopping holiday dessert to rival the mouth-watering masterpieces you see on TLC's hit show Cake Boss? If you're in need of some culinary inspiration and motivation this season, you're in luck. The 'boss' himself, Buddy Valastro, shared some of his secrets with fans Wednesday evening via a live online broadcast.

The master baker received some help in the kitchen from his adorable daughter, Sofia, and Carlo's Bakery's lead decorator, Gabrielle Parisi. 

If you're looking to mix things up a bit, why not consider one of the tricks that have turned Valastro and his famous famiglia into celebrities? 

Check out our slideshow (how cute is #4?) and then tell us: Are you ready to bake like the Cake Boss this season?

Image via Liz Alterman

  • Ghost Cakes


    Image via Liz Alterman

    The Cake Boss ain't afraid of no ghosts. In fact, he's created his own ghostlette cake pan just in time for Halloween. Valastro decorated these boo-tiful little guys with fondant. The secret to working with fondant? Roll it as thin as possible (Kohl's, $13.99).

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  • Working With Fondant


    Valastro showed fans how to properly roll out fondant, using a non-stick rolling pin (Kohl's, $4.99).

    "Nobody wants a mouthful of thick fondant," he said. 

    The Cake Boss also suggested using cornstarch when working with fondant and lifting the disc to let some air get under it after every few rolls. He also recommended not wearing jewelry (the reason he bakes sans wedding ring) and keeping nails short so as not to nick the fondant, thus ruining its smooth appearance.

    Extra fondant can be stored inside a sealed plastic bag and then placed inside a plastic container where it will be good for up to a year, Valastro noted. 

  • Creating an Ombre Design


    Valastro demonstrated how to pipe perfect little rosettes around the cake. Working at record speed is possible thanks to his turntable, which is his most "important tool," the Cake Boss noted (Kohl's, $89.99).

    The celebrity baker also said this is a perfect dessert to work on with the kids.

    "There's no wrong way to do it. You just make a little circle puff. This is a very forgiving cake and very forgiving design," he said. "If you're going to do any piping, this is the type of piping you want to do because it's simple but it looks elegant."

  • Turkey Cake


    Image via Liz Alterman

    This is one turkey that is almost too cute to carve! Valastro created this adorable bird in a flash using his signature 4-cup, 2-tier baking pan. After removing the mini-cakes from the tin, Buddy cut the tops off cleanly so that they would be flat and easier to decorate (Bon Ton, $16.99).

    Valastro said these tiny cakes are extremely versatile and can be used for the holidays as well as birthdays and showers.

    "Imagine everybody gets a little turkey cake as their dessert? It'll knock their socks off. Your mother-in-law will drop dead," he joked.

  • Christmas Tree Cake


    Image via Liz Alterman

    Sofia Valastro, 11, proved she's following her dad's footsteps. Though she's only in sixth grade, the pint-sized baker piped like a pro to create this Christmas tree cake. She applied the colorful circles made of fondant using a water pen (Carlo's Bake Shop, $7.99).

    Buddy explained that this tool is ideal because it doesn't saturate the fondant. In the "old days," he explained, bakers used a paintbrush and a cup of water, which invariably spilled, wreaking havoc on the ingredients. 

  • Ghostlettes With Confectioners' Sugar


    Image via Liz Alterman

    The ghostlettes can also be decorated with confectioners' sugar. To increase the wow factor, Valastro recommends cutting a hole in the back or bottom of the cakelette and filling it with cream or stuffing it with candy.

    "You'd be mom of the year!" he said.

  • Filling a Cakelette


    Valastro said you can also separate the two-tiered cakelette and cut out the inside of the bottom tier and fill it to give guests an added surprise and burst of flavor.

    "Is that cool or what?" he asked.

  • How to Make the Most of a Vanilla Cake Mix


    When asked by fans which is his favorite cake, Buddy said it would have to be his yellow cake mix, because of its flavor and versatility. The Cake Boss suggested adding a bit of pumpkin, nutmeg, and allspice to the mix to create a delicious flavor just right for the holiday season. 

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