13 Gorgeous Ways to Cook With Flowers (PHOTOS)

Elina Bolokhova | Oct 29, 2014 Food & Party

The leaves are changing and winter is already nipping at our heels. But if you miss the warmer weather, you can still capture a sliver of it indoors -- especially inside your kitchen, with recipes that feature flower petals and pretty herbs.

We've rounded up 13 of the most beautiful, picturesque ways to use colorful flowers in your desserts, drinks, and even dinners. And before you get scared off, these recipes don't require that you to be a chef or baker extraordinaire! It's the aspiring hostess' dream: Pretty and simple.

Click through our round-up and then tell us: Would you ever cook using flower petals?

Image via The View From Great Island

  • Flower Ice Cubes


    We've all seen this idea floating around Pinterest, and while it looks beautiful, it doesn't seem entirely practical. Luckily for us, Linda Anctil took to her blog, The View From Great Island, to test a variety of ways to get picture-perfect ice cubes filled with edible flowers. The results are simply gorgeous!

  • Sugared Elderflower Bundt Cake


    Image via Peony Lim

    Blogger-extraordinaire Peony Lim shares this recipe for a flower-decorated bundt cake that's almost too pretty to eat. The way she uses egg whites and sugar to make the ethereal floral details is super neat! This is the perfect confection to show off at a tea party, a bridal shower, or any other fancy occasion.

  • Elderflower and Lemon Cake


    Image via Le Pirate

    We may be running low on sunny days spent languishing outside. Channel the feel of warm weather with this zesty garden cake by Samatha Hillman of Le Pirate. Flavored with elderflower and topped with pistachios and blossoms, it's bright and airy enough to keep the cold at bay for a little while longer.

  • Edible Flower and Elderflower Popsicles


    Image via Chew Town

    Chew Town's Amanda Michetti shares these flavorful elderberry popsicles that marry elderflower cordial with the beauty of edible flora. Be sure to save this recipe for summer. When the weather turns warm, you can kick back and cool off with a summer treat and refreshing cocktail, all in one!

  • Fairy Cakes


    Image via ChinDeep

    This cake recipe courtesy of Melissa Placzek doesn't just use flowers as a garnish. The petals are actually chopped into "confetti" and then mixed right into the batter! It's a playful nod to Primrose Day from Queen Victoria's reign, when a similar recipe was popular. And although they are denser than cupcakes, these pint-sized, pretty sweets are undeniably a treat for the eyes.

  • Spring Flower Lollipops


    Image via SprinkleBakes

    Make beautiful homemade candy with just some flowers, powdered sugar, and pansy petals. Heather Baird shares the delightful how-to on SprinkleBakes. The effect is breathtaking and can serve as a lovely and thoughtful gift.

  • Cherry Bombe


    Linda Anctil's pretty Cherry Bombe pairs sour cherry, bitter almond flavor, and coconut cream into a visually stunning concoction. We especially love the addition of cherry blossom petals on the frosting, which turns the delicious cake into something you'd expect to come out of a pricey bakery.

  • Lime and Hibiscus Madeleines


    Image via Bakers Royale

    Naomi Robinson elevates a classic French cookie from its iconic buttery flavor to a brighter, more sophisticated citrusy treat. The secret is her incorporation of both dried hibiscus flowers and lime. The hibiscus will tint the glaze a pretty pale pink. But “keep in mind the color deepens as it sits,” she warns.

  • French Lavender Brownies


    Image via Louisabellissima

    Brownies aren't often considered high-end, but top them with lavender flowers and you'll have something absolutely dinner-party-worthy. Nathalie Murphy of Louisabellissima shares this scrumptious French treat that'll fill anyone with joie de vivre.

  • Lemon Lavender Tarts With Honey Meringue


    Image via Hint of Vanilla

    Lemon tarts are one of the chicest desserts around. Megan Voigt improves on the standard lemon curd by infusing it with lavender and then topping with a honey meringue. Dried lavender flowers add a final, picture-perfect touch. And since they're individually sized, they'll make a sweet favor for any party.

  • Elderflower Lemonade


    Image via Golubka Kitchen

    Anya Kassoff's elderflower lemonade concoction is the prettiest way to re-hydrate that we've ever seen! Adding some honey gives it that signature sunny shade. Plus, not only does it look delicious, it's aromatic, too!

  • Hibiscus Flower Enchiladas


    Image via Love & Olive Oil

    Who says recipes featuring flowers always have to be sweet? Lindsay of Love & Olive Oil puts a spin on dried hibiscus flowers by working them into savory enchiladas. The flowers are re-hydrated and used in place of meat. "Their chewy texture is perfectly suited and equally satisfying along with some shredded carrot and jicama," she says. Top them with some purple cabbage to really make them pop!

  • Lavender Dark Chip Ice Cream


    While this one isn't strictly a flower recipe, it still keeps the spirit of the round-up. Sommer Collier manages to capture the subtle yet distinctive flavor of lavender and pair it with indulgent dark chocolate in a fanciful frozen treat. The result isn't something you can normally find in your frozen foods aisle and we urge you to give it a whirl!

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