Crazy Chef Won't Stop Harassing Guy Who Gave His Restaurant a Scathing Review

looking at facebook on smartphone with cup of coffeeUsed to be that restaurant owners really only had to answer to patrons and maybe their local restaurant critic. Now, there's a game in town that has much more power than anyone could have ever guessed even a few years ago, and its name is Yelp. Leave a scathing review for an eatery there, and you might wreak absolute havoc on their business. You may also end up being threatened by a restaurant owner.

No, really. That's what happened to a Cleveland, Ohio, Yelper named Ruchu Tan who wrote an unflattering, one-star review of Chef Bac Nguyen's Ninja City restaurant. Nguyen found Tran on Facebook and proceeded to send him various obscene, threatening messages, using racial slurs and claiming that he would resort to physical violence if Tan ever patronized one of his restaurants again.

The Facebook messages, screen-capped and preserved until the end of time on Imgur, included eye-popping gems like:


"If I ever see you near my restaurants again, you will be in trouble. Peace f***er." and "You're ugly and physically weak and your girlfriend is an ugly piece of sh**."

So sick and CRAZY!

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Especially considering that Tan didn't altogether slam the restaurant in his original review. He said he "really hates" that he had to give it such a low rating, but he "tells it like it is." Isn't that what Yelp is supposed to be about?! When did any restaurateurs get it in their heads that they could bully restaurant-goers into five-star reviews

Okay, just to play devil's advocate for a sec, it's an ugly truth that Yelp reviewers may or may not be 100 percent honest, or their experience could be skewed by something negative occurring that's out of the ordinary for the establishment. And in turn, a restaurant could really suffer. So it makes sense that some owners are losing their minds over bad Yelp reviews.

But to go after people like Tan?! HA. The way Nguyen did? Oof. There is absolutely no excuse.

Even Nguyen knows it. He apologized when Tan threatened to go public with his remarks, but a local group boycotting Nguyen's restaurants has reported that Nguyen is still harassing Tan via social media. Wow. Who would have thought there would come a day when just "telling it like it is" about a restaurant on Yelp might lead to a restraining order?!

How does this make you feel about writing Yelp reviews -- or any sort of comment on the web that might upset a business owner?


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