Man Gets Fast Food Worker's Half-Eaten Muffin Instead of His Order

A Mississippi man is livid after he says he ordered a breakfast sausage biscuit from his local McDonald's -- and was given a half-eaten English muffin covered with jelly.

Don Richardson was on his way to a morning college football game when he stopped off at the fast food restaurant to grab a bite to take with him. When he made the gross discovery, he says his wife wanted him to immediately turn back around and return the item to McDonald's. But the man didn't want to miss kick-off, so he decided to deal with it the next day. And the response he says he got from the company totally shocked him.


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Richardson, who says he isn't trying to sue McDonald's, claims the restaurant's manager didn't take his complaint seriously and acted like they didn't care that he had received what he presumed was one of its employee's half-eaten muffins. When he called a customer service representative, he says the person on the other end of the line listened to him, but then said things like, "If what you say is true," it is "possible" one of its workers made a mistake.

Richardson says no one apologized to him -- which is all he really wants. McDonald's told the Clarion-Ledger it couldn't comment on the incident, but I'm going to guess the franchise is probably not reviewing its surveillance video from that day to see who either absentmindedly or purposely placed the jelly muffin in his bag.

The man says he isn't just disgruntled because of what he sees as the restaurant's lack of empathy, he also believes that with all of the health concerns these days, McDonald's should be more on the up when it comes to sanitary conditions. 

I have to admit I'm surprised he hasn't received a simple apology -- particularly given the fact that he isn't threatening the company with legal action or anything. Everyone makes mistakes -- own up to this one and then watch that surveillance tape carefully to make sure you are employing people who have good intentions and are handling food in a sanitary manner.

How do you think McDonald's should respond to this man's claims?


Image via TheDeliciousLife/Flickr

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