11 Thanksgiving Pies With a Twist (PHOTOS)

apple rose tart

Thanksgiving meals are more or less the same the country over, with just a bit of wiggle room. There's a turkey, of course. Mashed potatoes, marshmallow-topped yams, stuffing -- check, check, and check. But the very best part of Thanksgiving (in our opinion) and where you can really stand out? The pie!

Check out these 11 beautiful and unique Thanksgiving pies that'll wow everyone at your upcoming family gathering. Everyone will leave room for dessert this year!

Would you forgo your traditional pie for one of these more unusual recipes?

Image via Baking a Moment

  • Apple Rose Tart with Maple Custard and Walnut Crust


    There's nothing more American than apple pie. Well, Allie of Baking a Moment shares a gorgeous twist on the classic fall treat with her Apple Rose Tart. Check out her neat little trick for rolling the apple slices into little rosettes by heating them in the microwave so that they're pliable. Awesome! And the best part of this tart? It's gluten-free, thanks to a walnut crust.

  • Pumpkin Pie in a Jar


    You know how everyone eats too much on Turkey Day and can't even look at dessert? Prepare in advance for that sad eventuality by making your pie in portable jars -- like these easy-to-tote Mini Pumpkin Pies from Parent and Child Magazine. Plus, they're perfect for people whose favorite part of the pie is the filling!

  • Bacon Latticed Apple Pie


    Are you a fan of savory over sweet? Then this Bacon Latticed Apple Pie recipe, shared by Amber Wilson on For the Love of the South, is perfect for you. Of course, there's a touch of sweetness from the apples, too.

    "As the fat renders from the bacon, it actually begins permeating the crust of the pie with its smoky drippings," Amber says. Please excuse us while we drool.

  • Strawberry Pop-Tart Pie


    Great news for your inner child -- Strawberry Pop Tarts now come in a pie, thanks to Julie Ruble of Willow Bird Baking. This yummy confection pairs strawberry filling with a flaky crust and a sweet almond glaze. You'll score rave reviews for the nostalgia factor alone!

  • Pluot and Ginger Crostata


    Not the Martha Stewart type? No worries! Karen Chan's Pluot and Ginger Crostata creation from HonestlyYUM doesn't have a lattice top or crust to fuss over. The crostata's dough simply folds over to create an easy shell filled with tasty pluot (a hybrid of an apricot and a plum).

  • Deep Fried Pecan Pies


    Stacey of Southern Bite shows us how to kick a plain old pecan pie up a notch. Instead of sitting timidly in a tin, it's been turned into individual, Deep-Fried Pecan Hand-Pies. This is great if you have leftover filling from a traditional pecan pie or you want to make something small for the kids' table.

  • Crack Pie


    If you haven't heard of Momofuku Milk Bar's Crack Pie, you're really missing out. It boasts a toasted oat crust and a gooey butter filling and sells for $44. But Averie Sunshine of Averie Cooks has adapted Christina Tosi's recipe to create a version of Crack Pie you can make in your own kitchen. She advises that you buy a ready-made graham cracker crust and only concentrate on the filling to save some time.

  • Rosemary Honey Shoofly Pie


    Kylie Antolini from The Baking Bird adapted a Four and Twenty Blackbirds (THE place for pie in New York City) recipe to create a custardy, coffee cake-like pie. Her addition of rosemary really elevates the humble dessert into a brilliant and spicy confection called Rosemary Honey Shoofly Pie.


  • Baked Apple Pie Apples


    How adorable are these little cuties? Conceived by Jenn Kurkiewicz of Deliciously Sprinkled, these Baked Apple Pie Apples re-imagine the traditional pie completely. The filling cooks inside a hollowed-out apple with strips of ready-made crust added right on top. Considering it's mostly fruit, it isn't such a guilty indulgence after a heavy meal!

  • Old Fashion Chocolate Pie


    It seems that most people completely forget about chocolate on Thanksgiving. What's with that? If you are a true chocoholic (or simply surrounded by them), take a stab at this Old Fashion Chocolate Pie recipe by Emily Babb of Louisana Bride. After all, you can never go wrong with a pudding-like filling and pillowy meringue.

  • Pecan Pumpkin Pie French Toast Roll-Ups


    What if instead of pie for dinner, you had pie for breakfast? Cheryl Sousan of TidyMom shares these pie French Toast Roll-Ups that can double as both dessert and a morning meal. It's a great way to use up any leftover pies or filling the day after Thanksgiving.