The Ultimate Thanksgiving Timeline for Taking the Stress Out of Hosting

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Anyone who's ever hosted Thanksgiving dinner knows it's best to approach the labor-intense holiday as a marathon rather than a sprint. For anyone doing most of the cooking, half the battle may very well be figuring out how and when to begin. But have no fear. To get started, we've created a handy Thanksgiving timeline to help everything stay on track.


Being well prepared in advance for hosting the Thanksgiving meal can help take a bit of the stress out of this notoriously hectic holiday. This, of course, means starting the planning a few weeks out. It sounds insane, we know, but trust us -- good planning lowers the likelihood of running around on Thanksgiving morning like a turkey with its head cut off. (Sorry, couldn't help it!) 

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Take a look at our timeline, which starts with planning a menu about three weeks prior to the event and goes all the way up until Thanksgiving morning when the table finally gets set and the turkey goes into the oven. We all get through this hurricane of a hosting event one step at a time -- and by spending a fair amount of time focusing on the day after Thanksgiving, when we're all alone in a quiet house with half a pumpkin pie.

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