10 Crazy Cakes That Don't Look Like 'Cake' at All (PHOTOS)

sugar shoes

There are cakes. And then there are incredibly realistic-looking custom sculpted cakes that actually look like the thing they are supposed to be. Shoes? Check. Hot wings? Check. A backpack? She's got you covered. Created by Debbie Goard of Debbie Does Cakes in Oakland, California, these desserts are so realistic, you'll never believe they are made out of cake and frosting. And wait until you hear how this pastry artist got her start!


"My background was in art," Goard says. "I had always been interested in experimenting with cake as art."

Feast your eyes on these truly artistic creations and then tell us: 

What would your "dream" sculpted cake be?


Image via Debbie Does Cakes

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