10 Crazy Cakes That Don't Look Like 'Cake' at All (PHOTOS)

Adriana Velez | Oct 17, 2014 Food & Party

sugar shoes

There are cakes. And then there are incredibly realistic-looking custom sculpted cakes that actually look like the thing they are supposed to be. Shoes? Check. Hot wings? Check. A backpack? She's got you covered. Created by Debbie Goard of Debbie Does Cakes in Oakland, California, these desserts are so realistic, you'll never believe they are made out of cake and frosting. And wait until you hear how this pastry artist got her start!

"My background was in art," Goard says. "I had always been interested in experimenting with cake as art."

Feast your eyes on these truly artistic creations and then tell us: 

What would your "dream" sculpted cake be?


Image via Debbie Does Cakes

  • Junk Foods Cake


    Pizza, hamburgers, and French fries ... oh wait. It's cake! Would you believe this was made by a self-taught chef? Goard was working behind the counter at a market bakery when the decorator retired. "I was asked to take over her job. I watched her for a week, then made and sold my first cake. I have no formal training, so I would just experiment whenever I had the chance."

  • Sugar Shoes Cake


    Goard pairs these "sugar shoes" with "shoe boxes" that comprise the actual cake part of the creation. And looking at these sexy shoes, it's no surprise to hear she used to sculpt cakes for an erotic bakery. We can only imagine!

  • Guitar Cake


    Perfect for the musician in your life. The details on this Wolf guitar cake are seriously giving me chills -- so freakin' cool.

    It was while working at that erotic bakery that Goard got the idea of opening her own shop. "My co-worker suggested I start my own business just focusing on those sculpted cakes, and after about a year of saving and planning, I did just that."

  • Starbucks Coffee & Sugar Cake


    This Starbucks cup of coffee cake is so impressive, you could almost miss the clever personalized sugar packets -- look closely! I can almost see steam rising from that cup.

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  • Backpack Cake


    It's not just a backpack cake, it's a worn, North Face backpack with a Vegas button cake. "I find inspiration in everything!" Goard says. "Since all my cakes are representations of other things, I find myself constantly studying the most banal things to really understand their details." She sure nailed them there.

  • Chocolate Chicken Wings


    Honestly, these are NOT wings. It's hard to believe, though. This plate of "Buffalo wings" made of chocolate makes me want to weep. You guys, check out the cute celery with dip on the side!

  • Firefighter Cake


    What an amazing retirement cake for a fireman -- or birthday cake for a fireman-obsessed 4-year-old. From the shine on the helmet to the neat folds in the coat, this firefighter-themed cake is astonishing.

  • Lobster & Steak Cake


    Now you can have your lobster and eat cake, too! We can almost smell the lobster and steak from here -- and those cute asparagus spears. Bon appetit!

  • Champagne Bottle Cake


    This champagne bottle cake is worth celebrating just for its own perfection. "I have but one rule," Goard says, "and that is to always try to be better than the last time. I am always learning and hopefully improving my craft." We have to say, it definitely shows.

  • Vintage Deer Cake


    For those who have nostalgic feelings for Christmas decorations from days of yore, I saved the best for last. This adorable vintage reindeer cake is absolutely killing it in the cute department. That's some serious talent.

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