Everything You Need for a Perfect Potluck Thanksgiving


If you typically host Thanksgiving dinner, chances are you love when a friend or family member offers to bring a dish, right? Well, why not give yourself a break this year and plan a potluck? From appetizers and salads to side dishes and desserts, there are plenty of choices, and each person probably has a recipe he or she wouldn't mind sharing or showing off. 

Hosting a potluck Thanksgiving is simple, but here's the key -- be specific about what you'd like guests to bring! This eliminates the potential for receiving a dozen pumpkin pies but no stuffing or veggies. Give guests lots of notice so they can gather their ingredients (or call their caterers), and then sit back, relax, and enjoy a festive holiday dinner without all the fuss!

We've even taken the guesswork out of Thanksgiving potluck planning with this cool slideshow of fresh ideas for all holiday menu must-haves. 


Check out our slideshow and then tell us: Which dishes will you ask others to bring and which will you make?

Image © Marcus Nilsson/Galeries/Corbis

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